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Saudi Nuclear Weapons


This is a market driven event of major proportions.  It seems that Saudi Arabia purchased (or is about to purchase) nuclear weapons from Pakistan.  The Saudis “rent” troops from Pakistan to do their dirty work, now and then.  They dress them up in Saudi uniforms and get a pretty disciplined, coherent force.  Why wouldn’t they turn to Pakistan for the purchase of nuclear weapons?

Here are a couple of questions:

1) Will those who advocate attacking Iran for its potential to produce nuclear weapons also encourage an attack on a truly fundamentalist jihadist supporting Middle Eastern country – Saudi Arabia?
2)  Will te see calls for sanctions against Saudi Arabia for having nuclear weapons as we see against Iran for having the potential?

Here are two review searches to keep up on this issue:  NewsNow (search on headlines refreshed every 5 minutes; and Google news search.  Also, this from the UK.

Guardian: Does Pakistan have nuclear weapons ready to ship to Saudi Arabia? A new BBC report says they are packed and ready to go

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National Security Archives – All things nuclear Pakistan, South Africa, Brazil, China

pak nuke reactorNational Security Archives: Washington, D.C., April 23, 2013 – China was exporting nuclear materials to Third World countries without safeguards beginning in the early 1980s, and may have given Pakistan weapons design information in the early years of its clandestine program, according to recently declassified CIA records. The formerly Top Secret reports, published today by the National Security Archive and the Nuclear Proliferation International History Project, are the CIA’s first-ever declassifications of allegations that Beijing supported Islamabad’s nuclear ambitions.

The newly released records, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act and Mandatory Declassification Review process, indicate growing U.S. concern from the 1960s to the early 1990s about the intentions of other embryonic or potential nuclear states, including Brazil, Argentina, South Africa and Libya. Among the disclosures in these reports:

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Book Review: Five Myths About Nuclear Weapons

5 Myths
Five Myths About Nuclear Weapons

Ward Wilson

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 196 pages

On sale January 15, 2013


Nuclear weapons will always be with us, right?

Ward Wilson disagrees. That’s not explicitly one of his five myths, but it might be a corollary of Myth 5, “There is no alternative.”

Wilson has written a gem of a book, Five Myths About Nuclear Weapons. The clarity of its arguments sparkles. The purpose of the book is to encourage people to rethink what they believe about nuclear weapons. Read More