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‘How can you run the country if you can’t run a bridge?’ said of Christie

The first video is the famed commercial that Christie’s Sandy relief fund sponsored. Just happens to feature the governor. The second is a Christie commercial for governor running at about the same time. The state campaign in 2013’s election was an early action on the national nomination. Christie was up and down until Sandy, during which he had terrific press. This commercial is just the tip of the iceberg on Sandy relief funds. If it looks like or is, in actuality, true that Christie manipulated the relief funds for political punishment, he’s finished. Made by Sandy, consumed in Sandy’s wake.

New Jersey Assemblyman John Wisniewski made the comment in the headline on one of the MSNBC cable shows last night. It struck me immediately as the the quip de grace that will come forward when the Christie ends in political oblivion for the New Jersey bully. It’s payback time and, in this case, it is well deserved.

Wisniewski to Chair New Special Investigatory Committee Focused Solely on Questions Surrounding GWB Lane Closings
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Morning Christie – power breakfast for a bully pulpit

Breakfast of Bullies  Austin Kirk

Breakfast of Bullies Austin Kirk

There are so many reasons why this scandal knocks New Jersey Governor Chris Christie out of the 2016 presidential lineup. Christie’s exposure as a flat out bully tops the list.  Watch him take apart this poor teacher  (below) who challenged him in a Q and A during the campaign.  She asks a tough question.  What does Christie do?  He castigates her for making faces while he speaks.  We can’t see her face but we sure hear governor blowhard yelling at her.

Classic bully tactic – take advantage of a superior position to beat yoru opponent.  Christie has the microphone, he has the podium.  He can lie about the teacher making faces without his victim’s ability to fight back.   This scene is repeated  again and again.  He did it with a veteran who challenged him (below) and on many other occasions.

Some people like this; people who are idiots or voyeurs, people who want to behave this way but can’t.  It’s vicarious sadism.  Christie is utterly repulsive.  Now it’s his turn for a beat down.
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Your morning Christie 2 – lox and bagels

Einstein Bagels

Einstein Bagels

Today’s morning delight features a first rate column by Dana Milbank of the Washington Post, New Jersey Narcissist.

“Things we learned about Chris Christie during his 108-minute apologia:

“I’m a very loyal guy.  I’ve worked for the last 12 years in public life developing a reputation for honesty.  I’ve engendered the sense and feeling among the people closest to me that we’re a family.  I’m a person who cares deeply about doing my job well.  I’m incredibly loyal to my people. …  Narcissism is the dominant theme in American politics today, and the man Christie would succeed in the Oval Office appears to suffer from an acute sense of his own righteousness. But Christie takes worship of self to a whole new level.” Dana Milabbank, Washington Post, Jan 9

The salvage operating for Christie is of epic proportions.  Christie’s media operation uploads his nastyness to ordinary citizens on a web site.  The ugliness is then tweeted targeting rightists.  You know, He’s no liberal.  He hates the people, one of our guys.  But the real machine that covets Christie is the financial elite in NYC.  Such a deal!  He’s in our pocket and he’s got populist appeal.  Back him.  To wit, the salvage operation has emerged featuring Rudi Giuliani and others.  Read More

Your morning Christie – with a schmear

schmearTime for your morning Christie.  The Bridget-Gate/GWB scandal in New Jersey is a gift at a time of boring politicians afraid to speak their minds.  Christie is a bright, sharp, bully who just about made it to the Republican nomination for president.  But now he’s finished, period.  The coup de grâce was delivered by a Jersey politician everybody loves, former  Governor Tom Kean.  in an article in NorthJersey.com today, Kean said:

“On the one hand, I think he’s got a lot to offer. I think he’s the most able politician since Bill Clinton,” Kean told The Washington Post. “On the other hand, you look at these other qualities and ask, do you really want that in your president?” –

Sounds pretty reasonable, doesn’t it.  Here’s the background.  New Jersey is known as a major league venue for political payback.  It’s part of the culture.  Kean gave Christie his start in politics when the future governor volunteered for a Kean’s campaign.  Kean helped Christie at every step of his career, including the appointment as U.S. Attorney that was the bridge to the nomination for governor.  How did Christie repay that profound debt?  When Kean’s son Tom Jr. sought the Republican minority leadership position of the NJ State Senate, Christie opposed it and played very nasty in the struggle.  As classy a guy as Tom Kean is, he remembered that betrayal.  When he got the chance to deliver payback, he did it in style.

Here are samples of the latest press on Christie.  He’s not going down. He’s already down and out.  Tom Kean Sr. put him there.  I love New Jersey!

Bridget Bridgegate Bombshell: Messaging Raises New Questions LiberalLand, Jan 11

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Hurricane Sandy and Climate Change Perceptions in the U.S. (VIDEO)

Via New Security Beat:

Did Hurricane Sandy change the discussion about climate change in the United States? In this latest episode of the Wilson Center’s Dialogue program, Senior Wilson Center Advisor and Ohio University Professor Geoff Dabelko joins host John Milewski to discuss the potential impact of Sandy on climate policy and dialogue in the United States with Darryl Fears (The Washington Post) and Bob Deans (Natural Resources Defense Council).



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