US Navy Random Violence

A civilian approached a docked destroyer in Virginia and shot a Navy MP.


How does that happen? In all the billions we spend on our military we can’t even provide decent dockside security?

Ukraine Landlocked – Navy Mutinies Joins Crimea

Why are we not surprised? The United States neoconservative-initiated action in the Ukraine is backfiring. The head of the Ukrainian Navy, Admiral Denis Berezovsky, just announced that the navy is now in the service of the Crimean Autonomous Republic.

“I, Berezovsky Denis, swear allegiance to the Crimean people and pledge to protect it, as […]

US navy laser cannon shoots down drones! maybe

(The Guardian) – The US navy has used a powerful laser cannon to shoot down drone aircraft and will start deploying the weapon on its ships, saying it represents the future of warfare.

“The future is here,” said Peter Morrison at the Office of Naval Research’s Solid-State Laser Technology Maturation Programme.

Well, unless it is […]

Chinese Navy “on track for a future role as a maritime power capable to pose a threat to the U.S. naval forces in the Asia-Pacific theatre”: Cenciotti

David Cenciotti on “the first successful arrested landing on the Liaoning, China’s first Aircraft Carrier by a made-in-China Shenyang J-15, a multi-role Gen.4.5 plane“:

Purchased in 1998, the Kutznesov Class 60,000 ton aircraft carrier, previously named “Varyag”, will be used to test qualify Chinese pilots flying with the navalised J-15 as well as to […]