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The Sharing Economy By Any Other Name Is Theft

How much would a song that was played one million times have netted the writers of said song in 1990? A hefty sum, yes? It would have been on MTV, on every radio station and the band would have undertaken a staggeringly huge tour to support a single song played a million times.

So, how much does a song that gets played 1,159,000 times on Pandora earn the men who wrote it? It’s creators? $42.25

Yes, you read that right. 

This is why I refuse to use any of the sharing economy’s tools, like Pandora. It’s theft. Until the model is changed to benefit the creators of the music and not the creators of the model to deliver the music, I’ll continue happily paying iTunes or Amazon $1.29 per song. That’s only fair.

The economic model behind the sharing economy is neo-feudal to the core. It benefits the person who creates the right kind of tool to siphon away all cash from those who create value.  It does not produce any value in and of itself. It’s theft. It steals from those who produce.

Kind of like late-stage capitalism.


Sometimes the cover is better than the original. And this proves that technical prowess and virtuoso is nothing compared to telling a story with emotion. Johnny Cash exceeded at both.

If you’re not close to crying after listening to this, you’re heartless.

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What I’m Listening To

Listening to Johnny Cash on Spotify right now. I’m really glad I decided to pay the $10 something a month for the service. I’ve found some great music that is not playing on the radio in my market.

What are you all listening to?

Amanda Palmer Stricken With Food Poisoning After Anniversary Dinner With Neil Gaiman (STORIFY)

Amanda Palmer Stricken With Food Poisoning After Anniversary Dinner With Neil Gaiman

"Fancy" meal leads to AM ER visit

Storified by Matthew Elliot· Thu, Jan 03 2013 09:12:59

Yesterday, Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer celebrated 2 years of wedded (and tweeted) bliss. Unfortunately, the morning after proved anything but blissful:
Unexpected morning. Amanda and I both got food poisoning from fancy anniversary dinner. I got better. She didn’t. Right now with her in ER.Neil Gaiman
Thankfully, after receiving emergency care, Palmer appears to be on the road to recovery:
Amanda’s on an IV, and is feeling better, and I, who was worried, am very relieved.Neil Gaiman
As are legions of fans/followers, no doubt. Get well soon, AFP. And happy anniversary (despite the obvious unexpected gastric complications).