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Boogie Nights (1997)

Director: Paul Thomas Anderson (Magnolia, There Will Be Blood)

Starring: Burt Reynolds, Mark Wahlberg, Julianne Moore, John C Reilly, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, William Macy, Ricky Jay, Don Cheadle, Heather Graham

Four stars out of five
Here's looking at us.
A director takes a look at us in the seventies

I didn’t like the seventies very much. A friend and I once commented that upon returning from Southeast Asia we were put off by the grotesque carnival that America was becoming. We weren’t puritanical military types at all; we simply didn’t feel comfortable with it, so we kept our distance from it. Detachment turned out well, however, as it made us good students in college. Yes, we actually went to classes and read books.
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Die Brücke (The Bridge) 1959

Director: Bernhard Wicki

Four stars out of five


Die Brücke is a renowned German film about a group of young boys called up to military service late in World War Two.  There is a brief scene with a (disliked) Party official who overseas the small town, but there is no mention of Hitler or the Third Reich.  Roughly half the film is set in the village before the call-up. We see day-to-day life as the American army nears. Milk is delivered, school goes on, food and soap and the like are in short supply, and the boys enjoy sports and courting girls – often at the small bridge in town.  Most of the adults think the war is lost and don’t want their children to risk their lives, but the boys are mostly enthusiastic and patriotic and look forward to service.  In this first respect, it is the opposite of the adults’ support for war in All Quiet On The Western Front
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