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Jordan Moves ‘Thousands’ of Troops to Iraq Border: Jordanian Sources

NBC News, By Moufaq Khatib, February 10

Amman — Jordan has deployed “thousands” of troops at its border with Iraq as it ramps up a campaign against ISIS militants who set a pilot ablaze, two Jordanian government officials told NBC News on Tuesday.

The troops were sent to prevent the infiltration of ISIS fighters into Jordan and as a show of force, according to the sources who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Al Arabiya: UAE jets based in Jordan launch strikes on ISIS

Jordanian warplanes hit convoy entering from Syria

Jordan took the rare step of using airstrikes to stop a convoy of vehicles entering Jordan from Syria.

UPI, By Ed Adamczyk, April 17

Amman – In defending its border with Syria, Jordan took the unusual move of firing upon vehicles from the air that were crossing the border, destroying a convoy of three trucks.

The Jordanian armed forces said in a statement its warplane fired upon the vehicles Wednesday after security demands and warning shots were ignored. “The army will not tolerate such actions,” it said, even though the border is routinely crossed by smugglers, Syrian insurgents and refugees.

No information was given about the occupants of the vehicles, which were pickup trucks. Syrian state media said they were not a part of the Syrian army.

Jordan air strike at Syrian border said to hit convoy of U.S.-trained rebels

Amman — For the first time, Jordan has launched air strikes on neighboring Syria.

The Jordanian military said fighter-jets attacked armored vehicles in southern Syria as they sought to cross the border into the Hashemite kingdom.

A military statement said the camouflaged vehicles, identified as Land Rovers, were destroyed.

Later, diplomatic sources said the vehicles, several of them pickups with mounted machine guns, were driven by U.S.-trained Sunni rebels who fled the Syrian Army and rival Islamist militias.

The sources said the vehicles were suspected of containing weapons and drugs. They said most of the occupants of the vehicles fled when they saw the Jordanian aircraft.

“The Royal Jordanian Air Force on Wednesday destroyed a number of armored vehicles when they attempted to enter into the kingdom from Syria,” the military said.

The statement marked the first time Jordan reported an air strike on Syria amid its three-year civil war.

Toward a second front in Syria?

The Obama administration is reluctantly upping its involvement in the Syrian civil war. Though the White House offers few details, reports indicate that American personnel will arm and train teams of rebel fighters on Jordanian territory, then send them across the border to fight the Assad government.

This is unlikely to bring a rapid turn of events in the war. The Syrian army is on the move and rebel forces are in disarray. The new US directives will nonetheless present problems for Assad, though they may also pose problems for the US – eminently foreseeable ones.

Units deploying from Jordan into Syria will, it is hoped, constitute a second front of sorts, which will take pressure off beleaguered Free Syrian Army and al Nusra Front forces in the north and east. They will likely try to solidify rebel control over the city of Daraa and the surrounding province, which was an early site of protest and armed rebellion, and which is presently embattled.
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Al-Akahbar English – Jordan in the Eye of the Syrian Storm

From Al-Akahbar-English
Creative Commons

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Media reports about Jordanian involvement in the Syrian crisis have increased over the past few months. However, reports that the US is training Syrian opposition fighters in Jordan have been repeatedly met with denials from government officials in Amman. (Image)

Jordanians, however, were surprised at Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s comments in an interview on Wednesday, April 17. “We would wish that our Jordanian neighbors realize that…the fire will not stop at our borders – all the world knows Jordan is just as exposed [to the crisis] as Syria.”

On the same day, US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel revealed that his country is dispatching 200 army planners to Jordan to assist with Syrian refugees and prepare for any new security developments, particularly those related to Syria’s chemical weapons.

Hagel added that the unit will be taking the place of a previous group of 150 US military specialists who had been sent last year to establish an intelligence and surveillance station to follow events in Syria.

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Syrian Refugees Suffer As Civil War Rages (VIDEO)

Syrian Refugees


By the end of 2012, as it neared the end of its second year, the conflict between Syrian rebels and their government had killed tens of thousands of people, sent more than half a million fleeing to neighbouring countries, and left many millions more either internally displaced, unemployed or otherwise struggling to survive. More than 30,000 are now living in Za’atari refugee camp, just past the Jordanian border in harsh desert conditions. Every night, another 200 cross over. Their lives are punctuated by cold winters, basic services, and the anguish of remembering those killed or still in danger back home. Where the War Still Echoes tells the story of Leila and her family, who have recently arrived in Za’atari camp.