A Climate of Unaccountability

They’re back! John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Bill Kristol, Dick Cheney – the people who pushed the U.S. into the devastating mistake that was the 2003 invasion of Iraq, have discovered yet another existential threat ready and able to destroy the world. Back then it was Saddam Hussein and his mythical cache of Weapons of Mass […]

AIPAC Gets A Nosebleed

Check out this Twitter hashtag. And then check out some of the photoshopped pieces that are a reaction to the AIPAC Pride Campaign. They are gut-wrenching. It’s a brilliant PR campaign against AIPAC. It simply uses Israel’s own propaganda against itself.

#AIPACpride pic.twitter.com/4nZZAA7Vdt

— Rania Khalek (@RaniaKhalek) March 1, 2014

And this:

I […]

The Roots of the Saudi-Israeli Entente

Wallerstein is a world systems historian so he usually has holes in his analysis, but this one? Nope. I can go all the way with it. I just wish he’d addressed the de-facto entente between Israel and the Saudis.

In the 90s we had a full blown de jure and de facto entente between Israel […]

Israel and Saudi Ambitions

Israel-Palestine: When the Map Lies

The US and Iran are negotiating to end the over 33 years of lack of diplomatic recognition and the US-led sanction on Iran. This effort causes the Right Wing Israeli Government to scream “Nooooooo…”.

Consequently AIPAC is putting pressure, successfully we’d assert, on the US congress to pass laws […]

Israeli Journalist – Israel isolated with Iran rhetoric after world said its word

Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu may find himself out in the cold in Israel as well as the rest of th world.

Netanyahu used illustrations like this at a UN speech warning on Iranian WMD DonkeyHotey

RT, Nov 24

The deal with Iran is not a “historic mistake”, as claimed by Benjamin Netanyahu, […]

Barbaric alliance – Report Saudis align with Israel to attack Iran

“Israel is working on coordinating plans for a possible military strike with Saudi Arabia, with Riyadh prepared to provide tactical support to Jerusalem, a British newspaper [The Times] reported early Sunday.

“The two countries have both united in worry that the West may come to terms with Iran, easing sanctions and […]

Two views why France obstructs the US-Iran rapprochement – for now

The United States and Iran were poised to turn around decades of useless conflict at Geneva negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program. The Geneva meetings began with European Union foreign ministers at the table with Iran. Things moved so quickly, Secretary of State Kerry was called away from meetings in Israel to finalize the deal.

The […]

Cracks in the wall – Israel lobby goes after Netanyahu

Any signs of openness to peace rather than war is welcomed. This is a pretty gutsy approach for a U.S. lobbying group in behalf of Israel. But, whatever it takes to eliminate the war mongers, war economy, and mechanisms of ultimate destruction. Three cheers for J Street!!!

From the Jerusalem Post: J Street, […]

The next world war will be fought over water, not ideology or religion

While we here in America rest secure in our homes, largely free from the scourge of want or shortage, we’ve become immune from and blissfully ignorant of what may well be the cause of future wars around the world: water. Joe Sixpack, when he turns on the faucet at his kitchen sink, doesn’t often think […]

Anonymous launches cyber attack on Israel; major government websites down

From Al Akahbar English, Beirut Creative Commons

Published Sunday, April 7, 2013

Updated at 2:45pm: Dozens of Israeli websites were hacked in early hours Sunday, including pages of the prime minister’s office and the Tel Aviv stock exchange, in the largest cyber offensive yet against the Jewish state.

The operation is being dubbed #OpIsrael and […]

Obama’s Retreat to Neocon Strategies

By Adil E. Shamoo Consortium News, 3/28

With Syria and Iran, President Barack Obama faces getting mired in two wars that could set the entire Middle East aflame, and perhaps the rest of the Islamic world, too.

Such an outcome would be in part due to Mr. Obama’s Middle Eastern policy, and the willingness […]

Chuck Hagel in his own words

The new Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, is the executive in charge of the largest government entity in the world if you combine budget, personnel, equipment, and the 1,000 United States military installations around the globe. The organization is so large; it is hard to imagine the challenge of knowing what one needs to […]

The Only Three Things That You Need To Know About The Chuck Hagel Hearings

1. John McCain has some serious brass ones to be giving anyone grief about anything related to foreign policy after nearly putting Sarah Palin one tenuous, septuagenarian heartbeat away from the Commander-in-Chief chair (also, bullshit, McMaverick):

2. Yes, Ted Cruz really is that dumb:

3. What MJ Rosenberg said:

I spent a couple […]

The Forward: Mainstream Jewish Organizations Will Not Oppose Hagel Nod

Apparently the contracted services of Lanny Davis and apocalyptic clownshoes agit-prop of Billy Kristol and co. are the tip of a spear with no shaft. As Nathan Guttman of the JD Forward reports, organized Jewish opposition to President Obama’s nomination of Chuck Hagel for Defense Secretary evaporated following yesterday’s announcement:

Most Jewish groups have made […]

Breaking: IAEA Inspectors Are As Smart As Bloggers

I’ve been thinking this for some time, haven’t said it, so I know I don’t get credit, but both Mark Hibbs and Julian Borger said it today: IAEA inspectors had the same questions about that AP graph purporting to show Iranian nuclear weapon calculations that a number of bloggers and other commentators, including me, brought […]