Clash of civilizations spreads to ex-British dependency.

It’s a long way from the UK and now Brunei institutes sharia law.

Any local outrage was ordered to be silenced earlier this month, and it was, as the Sultan gets his own way. “”Theory states that Allah’s law is harsh and unfair, but Allah himself has said that his law is indeed fair,” the […]

Al Akahbar-English – May Day in Egypt – The Struggle for Social Justice Continues

May Day in Egypt: The Struggle for Social Justice Continues By: Mustafa Bassiouni Al-Akahbar-English Published Thursday, May 2, 2013, Creative Commons

Over two years after Egypt’s January 25 revolution, working class Egyptians find themselves fighting alone to achieve two of the revolution’s main goals: workers’ rights and social justice.

CAIRO – The workers’ movement in […]

Anonymous launches cyber attack on Israel; major government websites down

From Al Akahbar English, Beirut Creative Commons

Published Sunday, April 7, 2013

Updated at 2:45pm: Dozens of Israeli websites were hacked in early hours Sunday, including pages of the prime minister’s office and the Tel Aviv stock exchange, in the largest cyber offensive yet against the Jewish state.

The operation is being dubbed #OpIsrael and […]

Ai Weiwei on the challenges China faces to becoming a “great nation” (VIDEO)

Via Big Think:

China’s meteoric rise to global economic power has come at a dire cost to human rights, says artist Ai Weiwei. While onlookers in the West are dimly aware of the massive relocations, political corruption, widespread worker riots, and environmental disasters that have accompanied China’s astonishing recent growth, Beijing’s control of Chinese media […]

Police on playback: Copwatch in New York City

Via Waging Nonviolence/The NY Video League:

Stories of police brutality are often told in a way that casts victims as helpless bystanders of cops run amok. We met with Sean Pagan, a recent victim of police violence, and found that his story changes how we think about policing in New York. Sean’s story shows that […]

Quebec student strike wins big

by Scott Weinstein

(Originally published by Waging Nonviolence, republished under a Creative Commons license)

Psst, the secret is out: We fought the law and we won.

Quebec’s five-month college and university student strike against tuition hikes ended in victory last week. Coming on the heels of the Arab Spring, the European revolts against disastrous […]