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Fisk – ‘riddled with plot-holes’ – U.S. chem weapons claims on Syria

syrianytRobert Fisk says claims of chemical weapons use by the Syrian government are without support and that he can “trash” the evidence supporting those claims.  Essentially, he’s calling out the Obama administration for creating a ruse to justify intervention based on the “red line” statement.  Obama will intervene if Syria uses chemical weapons.  The UN sent a team to investigate but the Syrian government won’t let the UN in until a Russian expert is added to the roster.

Fisk makes a compelling case when he asks — why would Syria use chemical weapons when the MIGs employed are so much better at inflicting damage on the rebels?  There are more questions raised plus a description of the media frenzy in support of the administration.

Here is my question.  Why would the Syrians even consider using chemical weapons and certain U.S. involvement when they’re handily winning battles against the rebels?  Seriously…

Also, where is the skepticism and outrage that we may be manipulated into another act of aggression?  It was pretty loud about Iraq.  But that was “their guy” not “ours.”  If these claims are a pretext for war, isn’t Obama as guilty as Bush of war mongering?

From The Independent April 28, Robert Fisk:

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Harry “the rat” Reid Torpedoes the Hagel Nomination

Michael Collins

reidHagel’s confirmation has become a memorable battle, in part because many of his opponents are strongly pro-war while always having avoided themselves the kind of sacrifice Hagel exhibited.  Andrew Kreig, Justice Integrity Project

Senate Democratic Majority Harry Reid is a rat of epic proportions.  He was the only member of the Democratic majority who voted against cloture on the filibuster now in place by Senate Republicans.  Reid earned his latest rat tail for two acts against the citizens of this country.  First, of course, is the vote against cloture, thus allowing the Republicans to block the Hagel nomination.  Reid was forced into this vote by parliamentary rules which Reid himself created.  Before that, Reid assured the survival of the filibuster by refusing to curtail the odious process when he wrote the rules for this session of the Senate.

As the consummate insider, there is little doubt that Reid knew about the likely Hagel choice for Defense before he made his decision on the filibuster rules.  Crafty, isn’t he. (Image: DonkeyHotey)

What’s with this guy?  The opposition to Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense comes from the warmonger supporters of the national security state.  On this nomination, they got their marching orders from the pro-Israel at any cost fanatics who worship at the shrine of endless war.  Absent Hagel’s even handed view of U.S. Middle East policies and interests, his nomination would have been approved about the same time as that of new Secretary of State John Kerry.  Read More