There’ stupid, there’s mean-spirited, there’s insensitive…and then there’s Larry Pratt

One of Gun Owners of America director Larry Pratt’s favorite talking points is that “of the mass murders in the last 20 years, all but one have taken place in a gun free zone.” (That statistic is just plain wrong, but that’s another story). Speaking with a conservative radio host in Idaho this week, Pratt […]

Santa Monica: Today’s stop on the NRA’s Trail of Tears

You might as well admit it; you already know the drill:

1. Man spotted with gun.

2. Man kills several people, wounds even more.

3. We collectively bemoan the senseless nature of the tragedy.

4. We wonder what we should do to stop the senseless slaughter of innocent civilians.

5. The NRA refuses to even […]

A very good reason why “MORE GUNS!!” is a poor solution

There’s a disturbing tendency among gun advocates to see security issue as having a very simple solution- MORE GUNS!! It’s as black and white as you can imagine- more guns equals more safety and security. The idea that the only thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with […]

Another example of bleeding-heart Liberal political correctness (or not)

What better way to mollify men with anger management issues and the need to compensate for their, um, “shortcomings” than with a little target shooting? And what better way for angry, bitter, newly single gun owners to exorcise their anger than by exercising their 2nd Amendment rights? This being America, there’s someone ready, […]

Why the Second Amendment is neither sacrosanct nor inviolable

(more at What Would Jack Do?)

The 2nd Amendment: The Founding Fathers’ biggest mistake


….The fact of the matter is that the Founding Fathers made a HUGE mistake in saddling us with the 2nd Amendment….

In the late 18th century, the 2nd Amendment made sense. Calling 911 wasn’t an option, and the average American faced very real and imminent threats of the sort we don’t […]

“They have no souls”

That’s what Patricia Maisch of Arizona said about the United States Senators who failed to vote on legislation broadening background checks on gun purchasers. A majority of Senators were ready to vote in favor of the legislation but that’s not how democracy works in the nation’s capital. In order to have a simple majority vote, […]

Never underestimate the power of the Religious Right to develop a persecution complex

(Also foisted upon an unsuspecting public at What Would Jack Do?)

This idea of background checks is very concerning given the fact that the United States military has been increasingly showing hostility toward evangelicals and Catholics as being somehow threats to national security and people that need to be watched. Well, what does that have […]

Assaulted Nuts

What the hell is Harry Reid thinking?

Reid insisted yesterday that all of these measures deserved a vote — but that including some of them in the main legislative package brought to the Senate floor would sink the entire effort. The main bill that Reid will introduce will have to get at least 60 votes […]

How I Learned To Shoot: A Response to Josh Marshall

Josh Marshall writes for his tribe of non-gun-owners, like me. He gives his story and another really terrible one.

Here’s mine. Our tribe comes in all flavors, all sorts of experiences with guns.

I grew up in the New Jersey suburbs of New York. We just didn’t think about guns. We also learned a defensive […]

Looking beyond movie violence

by Tom Emanuel

(Originally posted by Waging Nonviolence, republished under a Creative Commons license)

In the wake of the tragedy at Sandy Hook, there is little doubt that the gun violence debate in the United States has radically changed, with proponents of gun control and mental health care gaining greater acceptance. Even those calling for […]