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Tide Turning in Syria

qusayrEvents in Syria are overtaking the plans of the Western powers and Gulf oils states to oust the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.  An outright victory by the Syrian Army against rebels in a nearly concluded battle  close to the Syria-Lebanon border could be a major turning point in the conflict. (Image)

The Times of Oman, May 25 reported that the Syrian Army and fighters from Hezbollah in Lebanon have encircled Syrian rebels in the critical town of Qusayr.  The town is just across the Lebanon-Syria border, a strategic entry point for fighters and weapons vital to the rebel cause.  The report from Oman and one of the key sources, the Syrian Observatory, give credibility to events as reported since both are viewed as sympathetic to the rebel cause.

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Al Akahbar: Syria – Damascus Repels Another Rebel Attack

By Anas Zarza Al-Akahbar-English Posted by Michael Collins

Remember all those articles over the last few months – Syria to fall soon; what will post-Assad Syria look like? Soon, we were lead to believe, the demands of Former Secretary of State (and neo-colonialism) Hillary Clinton would come true. When didn’t she say – “Assad must go!” Ironically, Assad is still around and Clinton is gone. That’s one big step for mankind and an even bigger step backwards for the Syrian rebels, particularly the very Al Qaeda fighters operating under the name Al Nusra. They fight and win but rely on direct or indirect funding, weapons, and technical assistance from NATO and the Gulf plutocrats. In fact, we now know that Ms. Clinton and the disgraced General Petraeus were pushing for the United States to openly arm the rebels. Cooler heads prevailed. Weapons and other items were stalled. Assad’s military made some changes. And now, voila!, the Syrian Arab Army is defending the capital.

Was any of this dreadful, deadly conflict worth it?
— Michael Collins


From Al Akahbar-English
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By: Anas Zarzar, Marah Mashi

Published Thursday, February 7, 2013

The armed Syrian opposition declared yet another “zero hour” to take Damascus on Wednesday. By nightfall, however, the army managed to restore order in the capital and widen its offensive against the rebels in the countryside. (Image: Syrian Army, Damascus, SANA) Read More