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Tamerlan Tsarnaev trip to Russia – 2012

tamerlanThe Russian newspaper Izvestia (4/24) reported that during his 2012 trip to Russia, Tamerlan Tsarnaev attended a conference sponsored by the Fund of Caucasus, “which cooperates with the U.S. organization Jamestown” [Jamestown Foundation], a nonpartisan DC based research organization.  The paper reported that the July 2012 conferences and others like it are used to recruit intelligence assets to gain information and influence in the Caucasus region.  The United States and regional ally Georgia compete with Russia to win the favor of peoples and regional powers for energy transport and exploitation. (Image)

Izvestia reported that this information came from the Republic of Georgia Ministry of Internal Affairs Counterintelligence Department.  The Fund of Caucasus denied any connection to Tamerlan and the other allegations from in the Izvestia article.

Tamerlan made two trips to Russia, one in 2011 and another between January and the summer of 2012.  Tamerlan was in the TIDE database of potential terrorists.  There are currently 700,000 names in the TIDE system.

The Russian intelligence apparatus alerted U.S. intelligence with a warning about Tamerlan but U.S. officials gave the warning a less than urgent status.

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Sow the Wind

You know the rest…

2012Reports from the arc of the angry Tea Party movement indicate that, yes indeed, there is a FEDERAL  government and yes, it does provide a big payoff to be in one of the five states that comprise Tea Party Homeland.   Each and every one of the states on the map receives back more from the federal government than it pays in taxes and other revenues (Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas). These states voted for Mitt Romney by big margins and contributed a healthy share of the Tea Party Republicans in Congress.

Now it’s time to pay the price for this type of negligence.  Businesses and defense workers, schools and health programs, you name it, are going to feel the lash of the Tea Party madness.  This isn’t your normal budget drama that  gets resolved at the last minute.  It’s the apogee of Tea Party anger and cynicism.  Just look at the way the Senate handled the Hagel hearings.  They treated their former colleague with utter contempt.  Recall John McCain’s anger.  He’s one of the more reasonable Republicans.
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Georgians vote in polarized elections

CNN, By Jill Dougherty, October 1

Georgia holds parliamentary elections Monday, the outcome of which will have ramifications beyond just the lawmaking body.

The result will also affect the structure of political power in the southwest Asian nation, and the role of the presidency — almost nine years after the Rose Revolution brought Mikheil Saakashvili to power.

The new parliament will be elected as the country prepares to usher in constitutional changes that will go into effect once Saakashvili’s term ends in 2013.

The new system, according to Thomas de Waal, an expert on Georgia and senior associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington, will shift power from the president to a prime minister. Read More