‘Good’ Syrian rebels on run – Saudis ask Putin for help

Syrian refugees – when will war end for them? UNHRC

Will there be any ‘good’ Syrian rebels left to provide credible representation at the January United States – Russia sponsored Geneva II peace conference?

The U.S. favored rebel group, the Free Syrian Army (FSA), experienced major setbacks in December. On the first, the Syrian […]

Egypt shifts support toward Syrian government

General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi

In a major change in policy, Egypt now supports of the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad. The shift in policy reflects the Egyptian military’s characterization of the pro-Morsi Muslim Brotherhood protesters as terrorists and the close alignment of the deposed Morsi government and its Muslim Brotherhood supporters with the Syrian […]

UN to investigate Syrian rebel mass execution

Imagine that. The wonderful, freedom fighters serving NATO-Gulf state interests by destroying Syria have a dark side. They captured Syrian troops then executed them. They are terrorists, dumb ones at that since the video is their undoing.

The UN high commissioner for human rights has called for an investigation into allegations that […]

Toward a second front in Syria?

The Obama administration is reluctantly upping its involvement in the Syrian civil war. Though the White House offers few details, reports indicate that American personnel will arm and train teams of rebel fighters on Jordanian territory, then send them across the border to fight the Assad government.

This is unlikely to bring a rapid turn […]

Saudi desperation over Syria – death row inmates freed to fight with rebels

They used to behead them. Now, Saudi Arabia sends their murderers to fight with Syrian rebels. Image.

From our “foreign correspondent,” Al Akbar-English in Beirut, Lebanon, we hear this:

“A memo leaked in January revealed that Saudi Arabia was … sending death row inmates to fight jihad in Syria.” Al Akahbar, June […]

Decline and Fall – Preplanned War in Syria and PRISM’s Snowden

A chronicle of the spectacular incompetence of those who purport to lead us

The invasion of Syria – Preplanned?

I don’t know but some interesting evidence surfaced this week that supports a serious look. Roland Dumas, French Foreign Minister under Mitterrand, made some disturbing statements on French television. He said that the British were preparing […]

Al Akahbar: Syria – Damascus Repels Another Rebel Attack

By Anas Zarza Al-Akahbar-English Posted by Michael Collins Remember all those articles over the last few months – Syria to fall soon; what will post-Assad Syria look like? Soon, we were lead to believe, the demands of Former Secretary of State (and neo-colonialism) Hillary Clinton would come true. When didn’t she say – “Assad must […]