Florida Greens come out swinging against HB 87 foreclosure nightmare

(This is encouraging. Florida’s HB 87 foreclosure bill (passed, not signed) is the latest chapter of ForeclosureGate. The Greens are one of the very few Florida activist organizations to attack the new law, which will accelerate foreclosures, remove people from their homes without a chance for a fair hearing, etc. etc. The Greens also cite […]

Assault on Wall Street – A Review


Last Chance – Stop Florida’s HB 87 and ForeclosureGate II

Florida Governor Rick Scott may have just one more day to veto Florida’s big-bank friendly foreclosure act, HB 87. Nearly 1,200 Floridians have signed the Veto Florida’s Foreclosure Act Petition, despite indifferent coverage by Florida’s mainstream media. We would know the exact deadline required for the governor’s veto if HB 87 appeared on the governor’s […]

Dimon Jim Under Attack – JPMorgan Chairman Feels the Heat

Reckless trading in derivatives in 2012 and recent allegations of deliberate distortion of testimony to federal regulators are two reasons that the powerful Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of JPMorgan is under intense fire prior to the company annual meeting in two weeks. (Image)

Jamie Dimon was the magician who turned a sow’s ear into […]

Goldman, Other Welfare Queens Tell Us Forget Social Security-Medicare Until 70

Michael Collins (Washington, DC 1/21) A long standing Money Party front, the Business Roundtable, wants you to wait until you’re 70 years old before you get Social Security and Medicare benefits. This is just a reprise of the November 2012 dictate from the king of corporate cronyism, Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein. (Image: DonkeyHotey) (Greenspan […]

Debt Ceiling Disaster – Crazy or Criminal?

By Michael Collins

(Washington, DC 1/9/13) Let’s say that on a Monday, you sit down and take a hard look at your finances. Your bills exceed your income, assets are just a feint memory, and there is no relief in sight. Reluctantly, you decide that your only choice is to declare bankruptcy. On Tuesday […]

Election Fraud, November 6 – Watch for Vote Flipping and Fixed Exit Polls

Michael Collins

(Washington, DC) Our elections are officially privatized. They are hidden from our view by design.

On November 6, your votes will be cast and tallied on voting machines manufactured and serviced by private companies. The computerized voting machines run on software that is closely held as a trade secret by these companies. […]