Cave in Obama puts Social Security and Medicare in budget deal

(Washington, DC 3/22) Yesterday we found out that President Barack Obama put Medicare and Social Security in the budget deal mix; timely but not thoughtful. Is this a profile in cowardice? Maybe not. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that cutting these two programs is part of the Obama Money Party […]

Sequestration Sorrows for Extremist Republicans

May you have incompetent, offensive enemies.

President Obama and the congressional Democrats have the luck of the Irish, truly. They’ve already won the Battle of the Fiscal Cliff due to the good judgment of the people. That judgement takes facts into consideration. The sequestration process is a blunt instrument wielded by a Frankenstein […]

The Deal: Various Responses

Actual legislative language of Senate-passed fiscal cliff deal.

— Bruce Bartlett (@BruceBartlett) January 1, 2013

Zaid Jilani:

Because the payroll tax cut is expiring and the Make Work Pay tax cut is not coming back, most working Americans will also see a tax increase. The most galling thing is that 98 percent […]

A Little Less Craziness, and a Little More Drift

At least we know Mitt Romney could not lie his way into the presidency. Never in modern American political history has a more deliberately mendacious candidate appeared before the public. America dodged a bullet this time, just as it did four years ago when Sarah Palin was allowed to pursue her dream to be a […]