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SpiegelOnline-NSA Spied on EU Offices

Here’s another reason to thank Edward Snowden for starting the ball rolling on the threats of the National Security State.  SpiegelOnline International just ran the story.  The negative reaction toward the United States is not Snowden’s fault for releasing information.  The fault falls on those elected and high level appointed officials who ordered this spying or allowed it through direct approval of negligent indifference.  Why on earth is our government spying on its EU partners?  How are we going to do real business in the world (you know the commercial type – real products and services) when the fools who run things turn the world against us? Thanks to Brian Downing for the tip.

Attacks from America: NSA Spied on European Union Offices
By Laura Poitras, Marcel Rosenbach, Fidelius Schmid and Holger Starkby – June 29

Information obtained by SPIEGEL shows that America’s National Security Agency (NSA) not only conducted online surveillance of European citizens, but also appears to have specifically targeted buildings housing European Union institutions. The information appears in secret documents obtained by whistleblower Edward Snowden that SPIEGEL has in part seen. A “top secret” 2010 document describes how the secret service attacked the EU’s diplomatic representation in Washington.

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Kill for Peace – US and EU Sanctions Deny Medicine to the Critically Ill

Michael Collins

United States and European Union sanctions against Iran prevent much needed medical care for the Iranian people.   Those with cancer, for example, have lost the option of treatment through chemotherapy while hemophiliacs are at high risk for any surgery due to a denial of essential pharmaceuticals. There are 85,000 new cases of cancer every year in Iran.  Those with cancer and the newly diagnosed will have to do without effective treatments. A large percentage of them will die sooner than anticipated as a result.  (Image:  Fergal of Calldagh)

The Iranian medical community is unable to get required medicines due to financial restrictions in the sanctions regime.  The restrictions effectively blocks pharmaceutical purchases by Iranian medical facilities.  No ticket, no laundry is the policy of big and little pharma throughout the world.  As a result, right now — as you read this — innocent Iranians are dying, sentenced to death by the U.S.-E.U. sanctions.

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