Never Let A Serious Book Go To Waste

Someone here at The Agonist once asked me to describe what this “neoliberalism” thingy I kept talking about was. So I rattled off the usual hot-button words like the Washington Consensus, the Chicago School of Economics, austerity, class-warfare, the Shock Doctrine etc. and then sputtered something along the lines of, “it’s like economic porn, you […]

In The Long Run, We’re All Dead

Two quick takes.

Long term climate change: we’re fucked. It’s that simple. Plan accordingly.

Second, long term chart of economic growth, showing a reversion to the post-industrial revolution/era of colonialism norm:


This chart proves to me the utter futility of even trying to get America back to it’s golden age in the late […]

The Deal: Various Responses

Actual legislative language of Senate-passed fiscal cliff deal.

— Bruce Bartlett (@BruceBartlett) January 1, 2013

Zaid Jilani:

Because the payroll tax cut is expiring and the Make Work Pay tax cut is not coming back, most working Americans will also see a tax increase. The most galling thing is that 98 percent […]

The Psychology, Economics and Politics of Luck (VIDEO)

Steve Paikin talks with Ellen Langer, Robert H. Frank, and Mark Kingwell on the psychology, economics and politics of luck:

The (Other) Presidential Candidate Who Would Destroy the Economy (Also, Water is Still Wet)

Josh Barro proudly flashes his Captain Obvious undies: “[Gary] Johnson has nutty economic policy views and would do tremendous damage to the global economy were he to somehow become president.”

h/t Rob Farley

Why I gatecrashed David Hartnett’s dinner party

Adam Ramsey

(Originally posted by New Internationalist, republished under a Creative Commons license)

Last week, some friends and I burst in on a speech from the retired HMRC boss Dave Hartnett at a tax dodgers conference. The video of our action has since gone viral. Here’s why I did it:

I stood as […]