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Because God only loves crazy White bigots…like Kirk Cameron, f’rinstance

gayfetus1I love America. It’s a place where a person can believe what they will and voice whatever opinions pop into their pointy l’il hair. Freedom of religion, thought, and speech…very good things all, no? The correspondingly beautiful thing is that freedom of religion, thought, and speech goes both ways. Kirk Cameron has every right to voice his hateful, bigoted, nothing-even-faintly-resembling-the-teachings-of-Jesus-Christ thoughts…and we have every right to call him out for all the above.

The truth is that no matter how much hate Cameron attempts to spread, and no matter how fervently he attempts to cloak it in his hateful, bastardized version of Christianity, he can’t hide the fact that he’s on the wrong side of history. Cameron may think that Teh Gayz will destroy civilization; that’s his prerogative. Those of us who believe in tolerance and acceptance understand that history is not on the side of the haters and bigots who call themselves “Christians.” Not so very long ago, historically speaking, a very similar argument occurred over the place and rights of African-Americans. Eventually, the law and society came to reflect the truth that all men really are created equal. The day to day reality may not be what we’d always like it to be, but African-Americans are guaranteed equality under the law, if not always in custom. Life for the LGBT community is heading that very same direction- and faux hyper-religious “Christians” like Kirk Cameron can’t stand the idea that people they find so “icky” will soon have equal standing.

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