Obama Despair

It seems like so very long ago, many of us here at The Agonist gave up on Barack Obama. It was long ago – six years now – which is a long time considering the progress the United States could have made had Obama been the leader he promised to be. My disillusionment was almost […]

James Hansen – The legal case against climate change inaction, denial

” Temperature Anomaly (C) Click for larger image.


Leading climatologist James Hansen et al. just published an excellent article at the open source journal PLOS ONE. In an email, Hansen said: “The paper was written to provide the scientific basis for legal actions against federal and state governments, in the United States and […]

Let’s support the Philippine climate change delegate on hunger strike – until the conference does the right thing

Mark Karlin is right on target with this piece on the extreme rationality (which counts as heroics in this world) of the hunger strike by the Philippine representative for climate change. He’ll eat when the international body does the right thing — addresses climate change.

Dismayed by 10000 Dead, Philippine Negotiator at UN […]

Headed for the wall 90 mph, CO2 crash

Needless to say, none of the major nations are doing much in to prevent the crash and there is little global coordination.

World Headed for a High-Speed Carbon Crash By Stephen Leahy INTER PRESS SERVICE NEWS AGENCY

UXBRIDGE, Canada, Nov 7 2013 (IPS) – If global carbon emissions continue to rise at their current […]

Where were you when they told us the world as we know it is over?

According to a leaked draft of the upcoming Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPPC), the world as we know it is over. The report presents substantial and well documented predictions of global suffering and massive social disruption resulting from the impact climate change on the water supply, food, and natural resources, and successively mounting human […]

Decline and Fall – Drop Dead Date Pushed Up, New Pharaoh in Town 7/29

Drop dead date pushed up – Man made pollution, mostly CO2, is accelerating at a rate that has a definite endpoint for world civilization as we know it. Since accumulated CO2 in the atmosphere sticks around for hundreds of years, we won’t be able to change the cycle of oblivion once it gets rolling. (Image: […]

Allow me to introduce myself.

I’m a second generation Chicagoan. Live on the north side and work on the west side. I was around in the 70’s as a hippy. What little of Marx I understood then I liked. So when governments are democratic l tend to prefer them especially, of course, over corporations. My standards for democracy […]

Fueling Climate Change Deniers

If Hitler had never been born, or if he’d been killed in World War I or in an accident in 1925, would the Holocaust never have happened? Or would someone else have taken the lead in history’s inevitable direction? Do important events in history depend on the life of one person, or do they become […]

Is It Time Yet for an Inhofe Moment?


Postcards from Hell – Mauna Loa, Hawaii (CO2 site)

The last time the concentration of Earth’s main greenhouse gas reached this mark, horses and camels lived in the high Arctic. Seas were at least 30 feet higher—at a level that today would inundate major cities around the world. National Geographic, May 9, 2013 (Image)


She makes you sick, takes your money, then bumps you off

That’s what Blythe Masters of JPMorgan does based on evidence from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and JPMorgan’s recent history. (Image: UCS)

Coal power is the leading source carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere. CO2 is the leading cause of climate change. Once airborne, the man made filth sticks around for 2 to 20 […]

Do the Math on Climate Change – 350.org Full Movie

Do the Math movie documenting the movement to get big institutions to divest from the fossil fuel industry to get humanity to cut back on fossil fuel emissions to stave off climate change.

Can you spot Michael Collins?

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Weathergirl goes rogue

Weathergirl Goes Rogue video after the jump

Hurricane Sandy and Climate Change Perceptions in the U.S. (VIDEO)

Via New Security Beat:

Did Hurricane Sandy change the discussion about climate change in the United States? In this latest episode of the Wilson Center’s Dialogue program, Senior Wilson Center Advisor and Ohio University Professor Geoff Dabelko joins host John Milewski to discuss the potential impact of Sandy on climate policy and dialogue in the […]

Missing in Action

David A. Graham outlines 8 key issues missing from the debates so far (butbutbut LAUGHING JOE BIDEN!11).