Decent People

Last Sunday I witnessed the third or forth instance of busy traffic stopped to allow geese to cross the road. I’m talking about Northern Virginia traffic, a strong number two on the top ten Worst Cities for Traffic according to The Weather Channel. Each time this happened, as I approached the stalled cars, I […]

Republicans and Democrats in Congress united on key issues

Republicans and Democrats in the United States House of Representatives united last week to oppose Obama administration policies on meddling in the Syrian conflict and violating the privacy of citizens through pervasive collection of telephone records.

A vote on lethal aid to Syrian rebels and broader United States military intervention resulted in a slow down […]

John Brennan Doesn’t Rule Out Targeting Americans for Assassination in United States – Mark Karlin, Editor BuzzFlash and TruthOut

I’ve known Mark Karlin (online) for a while. As editor of BuzzFlash, he was generous enough to run my voting rights and other articles on more than a few occasions. He’s an excellent analyst in addition to his editorial skills and a solid progressive Democrat from Chicago. All the more reason to take his article […]