NYT: New Study Refines View of Sarin Attack in Syria

New York Times, By C. J. Chivers, December 28

A new analysis of rockets linked to the nerve-agent attack on Damascus, Syria, in August has concluded that the rockets were most likely fired by multiple launchers and had a range of about three kilometers, according to the two authors of the analysis.

The authors said […]

Seymour Hersh – Whose Sarin in the LRB

Whose sarin? Seymour M. Hersh

Barack Obama did not tell the whole story this autumn when he tried to make the case that Bashar al-Assad was responsible for the chemical weapons attack near Damascus on 21 August. In some instances, he omitted important intelligence, and in others he presented assumptions as facts. Most significant, he […]

Report on source of Syria chem missile may clear Syria – Fisk

Robert Fisk released some preliminary reporting on questions about who actually fired the chemical weapons missiles in Damascus on August 21. Robert Fisk, The Independent, September 22, 2013

The United Nations report released last week contained speculation on the trajectory of missiles based on their investigations. After qualification, the report concluded that the missiles […]

To win dirty war in Syria, Obama admin ignores Al Qaeda chemical weapons program

Al Qaeda has a chemical weapons program, revealed in a United States Attorney’s case, reported on CBS (see video). This has real implications for the Obama administration’s Syria policy of supporting rebels that include Al Qaeda groups. It also raises questions as to who perpetrated the chemical weapons attack near Damascus on August 21.

In […]

Syria, Chemical Weapons, Ban Ki-moon, the UN – and the Real Story

When diplomacy fails

The United Nations weapons inspectors report on the August 21 chemical weapons attack near Damascus has become a propaganda festival for the Western powers, including the United States.

Since the U.S. and Russia reached their deal to eliminate Syria’s chemical weapons stockpile, the report will have little impact on military action […]

Turkish Prosecutor – Syrian Rebels Sought Chemicals for Sarin Gas

(Note: On September 15, I wrote this as an update to the question about chemical weapons use in Syria. A prosecutor in southern Turkey indicted members of the Al Nusra (Al Qaeda aligned) group) for trying to buy materials that could produce “highly toxic sarin gas.” Since sarin had been identified as the gas used […]

German intercepts – Assad “repeatedly rejected” requests to use chemical weapons

The “slam dunk” intelligence that the Obama administration touted to justify its planned attack on Syria is falling apart. McClatchy broke this story about German intelligence overhearing President Bashar al-Assad turning down requests for chemical weapons use. Investigative reporter Robert Parry reports that insiders say the president’s case is so weak, the White House dare […]

Obama’s speech on Syria – analysis

Syrian rebels

President Barack Obama spoke as if his political future was on the line Wednesday evening during his address to the nation on the Syria crisis. He went through the horrors of the Syrian civil war, blamed the Syrian government for the August 21 chemical weapons attack, and provided verifiable (but, as yet, […]

‘Insider Threats’ Sabotage Obama’s Syria Attack

As he prepares to launch cruise missiles against the sovereign state that poses no threat to the United States, President Barack Obama’s administration is spouting leaks of major proportion. (Image)

The Associate Press reports that

“… multiple U.S. officials used the phrase “not a slam dunk” to describe the intelligence picture — a […]

Robert Parry on bizarre replay of Iraq invasion

Robert Parry deserves our attention on any issue he addresses. He may well be onto a critical point with regard to the White House claims about the Syrian chemical weapons attack. He notes that the delivery mechanism specified by the Obama administration is one used by “irregular troops.” That would implicate the rebels and not […]

Who promotes caution in the rush to judgment on Syria?

The Vatican: “With great suffering and anxiety I continue to follow the situation in Syria. The increase in violence in a war between brothers and sisters with the multiplication of massacres and of atrocious acts that we have all been able to see in the appalling images of the past few […]



According to Pepe Escobar’s Facebook page, the Russian Ambassador claims that there is satellite evidence that the chemical weapon attack in Syria was carried out by someone other than the Syrian government.

Pepe Escobar, reporter for the Asia Times, reports in Facebook that Russia has presented to the UN Security Council “conclusive evidence – based […]

Syria: Even if we’re going to win, we’re going to lose

The indiscriminate slaughter of civilians, the killing of women and children and innocent bystanders by chemical weapons is a moral obscenity. By any standard, it is inexcusable and — despite the excuses and equivocations that some have manufactured — it is undeniable…. This international norm cannot be violated without consequences.

- U.S. Secretary of State […]

A rush to judgment is a rush to war – Syria

On Sunday and Monday, representatives of President Barack Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron claimed that it is “too late” to effectively examine the nature and source of the chemical weapons event near Damascus, Syria last Wednesday (August 21). (Image: Tim Green)

Are these coordinated, self-serving statements by those who want to attack Syrian government […]

McClatchy – U.S. awaits UN inspection before responding to Syria chemical weapons claims