If NSA spying is so important to safety, why risk it by mixing in business espionage?

The head of the UK’s GCHQ (their NSA equivalent) claims that the Snowden leaks “could lead directly to widespread loss of life and threaten the internal stability of the UK.” We will be hearing that here or equivalent complaining from spy agencies. Let’s think that through:

If true, then the NSA like intel gathering agencies […]

#IdleNoMore: What Do Protesters Want?

Dr. Dawg:

The other day, I got into it a bit with John Ivison, who expressed polite disdain for the allegedly “hapless” Chief Theresa Spence—and then admitted that he had no idea what her demands actually were.

That’s all too typical.

But not all of us who support #IdleNoMore are as informed as we should […]

Quebec student strike wins big

by Scott Weinstein

(Originally published by Waging Nonviolence, republished under a Creative Commons license)

Psst, the secret is out: We fought the law and we won.

Quebec’s five-month college and university student strike against tuition hikes ended in victory last week. Coming on the heels of the Arab Spring, the European revolts against disastrous […]