Gul makes his move in Turkey – the voice of ‘dialog and empathy’

Turkey’s President Gul is making a bold move to calm the political chaos in Turkey. Will he succeed or will the paranoid Prime Minister Recep Erdogan decide that Gul’s efforts are part of the conspiracy to remove Erdogan from power? (Image: Turkish Presidential Seal)

Since December 17, scores of Erdogan cronies have been arrested for […]

Al Qaeda taking Iraqi cities – Falluja and Ramadi

Things are getting intense in the Middle East and Levant. The New York Times reports that Sunni militants are on the offensive in Iraqi cities with the headline indicating that the battle was over: Parts of 2 Key Iraqi Cities Fall to Qaeda Group Active in Syria, Jan 2

Isn’t it time to get this […]

Turkey – Erdogan fights back but for how long?

A horse! A Horse! My kingdom for a horse!

Erdogan campaign banner – will the Sultan abdicate or be forced from his thrown? Image

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has ruled Turkey with a progressively firmer hand since the AKP (Justice and Development Party) took power in 2003. His caustic comments and authoritarian […]

To win dirty war in Syria, Obama admin ignores Al Qaeda chemical weapons program

Al Qaeda has a chemical weapons program, revealed in a United States Attorney’s case, reported on CBS (see video). This has real implications for the Obama administration’s Syria policy of supporting rebels that include Al Qaeda groups. It also raises questions as to who perpetrated the chemical weapons attack near Damascus on August 21.

In […]

“I didn’t join the Navy to fight for Al Qaeda in a Syrian Civil War”

When the attacks on Christians by Al Qaeda and other jihadist fighters in Syria come to the forefront, it will be nearly impossible to vote for the president’s authorization.

Alleged image of military protest

Business Insider just published this image along with two others that alledgly show military personnel protesting the proposed Syrian […]

Decline and Fall – Drop Dead Date Pushed Up, New Pharaoh in Town 7/29

Drop dead date pushed up – Man made pollution, mostly CO2, is accelerating at a rate that has a definite endpoint for world civilization as we know it. Since accumulated CO2 in the atmosphere sticks around for hundreds of years, we won’t be able to change the cycle of oblivion once it gets rolling. (Image: […]

Just how crazy is Obama’s policy of arming Syrian rebels?

Crazier than her!

And that’s crazy!


“I believe without a shadow of a doubt this is one of the most insane policies that borders on madness – the United States to give funding, training and arms most likely to al Qaida in Syria doesn’t make any sense. This is absolute madness.” Michele Bachmann, […]

Decline and Fall – Euro-Poodles, Latin Tigers, No jobs, and Syria 7/15

We’re shocked, shocked to find that the Americans are spying on us! the European allies say.

Fetch Snowden!!! Euro-Poodles France (left) and Spain were “Best in Show” with President Obama barking orders. (Italy and Portugal were good poodles too.)


Two weeks ago, whistle blower Edward Snowden revealed that the United States […]

The Spectator – If there was ever a time to intervene in Syria, it has passed

If there was ever a time to intervene in Syria, it has passed

A western intervention might never have worked. But it certainly won’t now Douglas Murray 4 May 2013

Murray’s thesis rests on two points. First, he believes that intervention is allowed in foreign conflict if it meets two criteria: ” There are only […]

Your morning Pepe – direct from Syriastan

The Islamic Emirate of Syriastan By Pepe Escobar Asia Times, April

the Islamic State of Iraq – for all practical purposes al-Qaeda in Iraq – announced, via a video starring its leader Abu Bakr al-Husseini al-Qurashi al-Baghdadi, a mergers and acquisition spectacular; from now on, it would be united with the […]

Liar’s Poker – Obama and Cameron on Syrian WMD

Michael Collins (Washington, DC, 12/9) Here we go again.

On, December 3, President Barack Obama warned the Syrian government against using chemical weapons against, among others, NATO-Saudi sponsored fighters trying to overthrow President Bashar Assad.

A few days later, British Prime Minister David Cameron’s foreign secretary claimed that he had evidence the Syrian government plans […]

What Did Petraeus Know and When Did He Know It?

Michael Collins Creative Commons

(Washington, DC, 11/15) The bitterness of the neocons knows no limit. They’re still having tantrums after being denied the unchallenged ability to pillage and plunder at will (and at our expense). Never mind that the public doesn’t want to hear it. The Congressional Republicans are jumping up and down over […]