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ADHD diagnoses way up among families who can pay for the meds

Credit: vrij-natuurlijk.nl

Credit: vrij-natuurlijk.nl

Inquiring minds want to know. Is ADHD a genuine problem or rather a way to prescribe meds to tranquilize out otherwise active children? Hey, I was “hyperactive” when I was a kid and probably still am. Most of the time I was bored by school. If I were a child today they’d probably zonk me out on medications so I would be “happier” and “calmer” AKA “easier to manage.” Remember the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip? Calvin would probably be deemed ADHD today and then given so many meds he’d be drooling. A curious, happy, fun kid would thus be reduced to a zombie, This is not progress.

“It is one of the most common chronic childhood psychiatric disorders, affecting 4% to 12% of all school-age children and persisting into adolescence and adulthood in approximately 66% to 85% of children”

If one out of eight school-age children now has somehow caught the apparently dreaded ADHD, then perhaps what MDs call a disorder actually falls within the realm of normal.

Patients with ADHD were more likely to be white or black, come from families earning $70,000 or more annually, and were more likely to be male than female.

Imagine that! Children whose families are relatively well-off are more likely to be diagnosed as needing medications. What a coincidence!

PS. My sister is bipolar and needs her meds. That’s not what I’m talking about. This over diagnosis of a supposed ADHD disorder, which rather clearly at least some of the time falls into the range of normal, seems a deliberate attempt to dumb down students to make them more manageable and docile in our over-crowded and increasingly dumbed-down educational system. And of course the pharmaceutical companies make handsome profits while psychiatrists, who used to actually talk to patients, have now become glorified pill-pushers.