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VA Republican Gov Candidate – When will God punish USA

Under investigation for taking gifts and “special” loans, the Virginia candidate for governor is undeterred from his mission to see God’s law on earth:

HUFF POST (10/15) Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has been trying to downplay his outspoken opposition to abortion rights in his campaign for governor this year as part of an effort to win back the support of women voters.

But in his speech to the Christian Life Summit last year — unearthed Monday night by NBC12 — Cuccinelli said he is surprised that God has not yet “imposed” more judgment on America for allowing abortion to be legal.

Really, given that God does judge nations, it’s amazing that abortion has run as far and foully as it has, without what I would consider to be a greater imposition of judgment on this country,” Cuccinelli said. “Who knows what the future holds?”


Ken Cuccinelli: Small government doesn’t mean quite what you think it does

force-beliefs1Ken Cuccinelli, Virginia’s attorney general, has garnered more than his share of national attention over the years, with high-profile legal crusades against global warming researchersObamacare, and abortion clinics. But it’s his recent war on consensual sodomy in the commonwealth that has raised the most eyebrows as the gubernatorial candidate has made the issue a centerpiece of the final months of his campaign…. The law is plainly unconstitutional—according to both a 2003 U.S. Supreme Court decision and a federal appeals court—and giggling about the attorney general’s creepy preoccupation with Virginians’ consensual oral sex makes for an easy comic target. But that focus obscures the real—even original—sin undergirding Cucinelli’s latest legal push: It’s a call for judges to read statutes to mean what they don’t say; a call for outright judicial activism, for freewheeling judicial interpretation—qualities legal thinkers on the right usually deplore.

That Ken Cuccinelli is even being mentioned by Very Serious People as a legitimate contender to become Governor of Virginia speaks volumes about the sorry state of our (and certainly Virginia’s) public political discourse. I suppose you’d have to live in the If You Ain’t Got Jesus You Ain’t S—t State to fully understand how a judgmental, intolerant, self-righteous hypocrite such as “The Cooch” could have garnered so much support. That probably says as much about the epic low standards and hypocrisy of Conservative Virginians as it does about Cuccinelli.

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In Soviet Russia- er, Texas- business regulates and investigates itself

Rosy Esparza of Dallas died Friday night when she fell from the Texas Giant, which is billed as the world’s steepest wooden roller coaster. Six Flags initially said in a statement that it was “working with authorities” to figure out what happened. But it later had to admit that it was running the investigation itself because there are no authorities to work with…. The Texas Giant, a 14-story-high, 4,900-feet-long roller coaster that is among the premier attractions at the park in Arlington, Texas, remains closed until Six Flags concludes its investigation, a park spokeswoman said. The park gave no timetable for reporting any information

prry-bizYes, you read that correctly. Evidently, there’s no governmental authority in Texas charged with ensuring the safety of amusement park rides like the Texas Giant. No real surprise there, I suppose, given how business-friendly Texas is. It seems that if you run a business, you’re free to investigate yourself (or not, depending) if something goes awry and customers are injured or killed. If you’re a Texan in possession of a uterus, though, be forewarned that reproductive decisions are no longer yours to make. Yessiree, you can have several times the legally allowed amount of ammonium nitrate on hand at your business, but God help you if you’re a woman with an unwanted pregnancy. Your uterus, and anything growing therein, is the property of the State.

Remember, it’s all about freedom. And protecting the ability to function without burdensome regulations. And Jesus. Especially Jesus.

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Protecting Texas from Tampons of Mass Destruction

After banning the presence of any female hygiene products from its Senate floor, Texas passed its restrictive abortion law last night, which will ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy as well as install new regulations that will most likely drive abortion clinics out of business. Texas Governor/tanned leather boot Rick Perry told supporters after the vote that, “Today the Texas Legislature took its final step in our historic effort to protect life.” He applauded those who “tirelessly defended our smallest and most vulnerable Texans and future Texans.”…. The final vote came amid protests from both outside and inside the Senate gallery, as opponents of the bill came together to try one last time to stop the vote. Senator Kirk Watson, a Democrat from Austin, told another lawmaker that “women don’t understand why you keep coming after them.” Senator Dan Patrick, a Republican, replied “I suggest babies are thinking the same thing.”

ctl-dpsThanks to the tireless efforts of the Good, God-fearing Christian Patriots © in the Texas Legislature, women in the Lone Star State have been relieved of the burden of making decision regarding their reproductive functions. Now that their uteri are the property of the State, Texas women no longer will have to worry their pretty little heads about how to handle an unintended and/or unwanted pregnancy. Well-fed Conservative White males will make those decisions for them:


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Texas: Where freedom reigns everywhere…except in a woman’s uterus

“My wife worked at a home for unwed moms, and one of the little kids that was born, his name is David. David came about as a result of his mom and dad, who were just 16 at the time, going to a Planned Parenthood deal where they taught them how to use contraceptives. They were not sexually active at that point. They got into the car, and they were so hot and bothered from this deal, he couldn’t even get the condom on.”

rprry-straightI suppose we really shouldbe thankful for good, God-fearing, patriotic Christian White Males like Texas state Rep. Steve Toth (R-The Woodlands), who’s willing to shoulder the heavy burden of protecting Texas men from the evil of women’s lady parts. After all, any right-thinking Christians recognizes the reality that women use their sexuality to manipulate and trap men into having children and forcing them to marry. Once you understand that basic and undeniable truth, it stands to reason that someone needs to protect men from the evil machinations of women and their scheming uteri.

Hey, it’s tough enough being a man these days without worrying about succumbing to the unholy carnal temptations of a succubus. How’s a man supposed to resist? He is, after all, only a man…and men have certain, um, needs, knowhutimean?

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Pro-Life vs. Pro-Birth

(Scholars&Rogues) – I’ve gotten called some awful things when I tell people that I’m both a practicing Catholic and an advocate for women’s choice – from baby killer to hypocrite. But hear me out.

I was raised with a strong sense of faith in a “cafeteria Catholic” family – that is, a family that picked and chose from doctrine and tradition what we would actually practice. There was an overarching idea of being good to other people, whether you agreed with them or not, and trying to stand in someone else’s shoes when considering situations. I was raised to help the poor, to speak up for those who couldn’t, and to be as good of a person as I could be.

I was raised in a church where my LGBT friends weren’t accepted, but in a family where they were welcomed; in a church where stem cell research wasn’t embraced because it killed live embryos, but in a family with history of diabetes and dementia, diseases that could be potentially cured by such research; in a church where women aren’t allowed to be priests, but in a family that sees it as a practical and natural progression for an aging priest population.

This isn’t to say that I was raised in a family that espoused abortion. They didn’t. I formed that opinion on my own. But it comes back around to the idea of thinking of others first, and trying to see a situation from their perspective. I consider myself pro-choice, and pro-quality of life, rather than pro-life.

Let me explain.

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Today’ Profile In (Not So Much) Courage: Scott Walker

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) quietly signed new abortion restrictions into law on the Friday after the Fourth of July that will require “women seeking abortions to undergo an ultrasound and ban doctors who lack admitting privileges at nearby hospitals from performing the procedures.” The law could force two state abortion clinics to close their doors and is already sparking legal challenges from reproductive health advocates…. Walker, who may be considering a presidential bid in 2016, “didn’t sign the bill in public, instead sending out a statement early Friday afternoon saying the bill was now law.” The governor followed a similar strategy in 2012, when he enacted controversial bills to significantly limit access to abortion services and sex education on the eve of a holiday weekend and announced the laws in a press statement two days later.

psycho_lIt’s been said (often by me) that the hallmark of a bully is a pronounced inability (or refusal) to do what you do in the light of day. If you lack the courage to do something unpopular, hyper-partisan, and/or just plain mean-spirited, if you have to do it under the cover of darkness or when no one’s watching, you’re a coward.

Or you’re Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who by any measure is a world-class coward.

Determined to create a world that caters to the whims of the Koch brothers and that consigns women to the status of chattel and the property of men, Walker is forcing Wisconsin into the business of policing the uterus of Wisconsin women.

Since Roe v. Wade won’t allow Republicans to pass an outright ban on abortion, Walker and his minions did the next best thing. They passed a law stating that any woman desiring to have an abortion should be forced to have a 10” ultrasound wand inserted into her vagina.

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“Tea Party”: Defining ignorance, racism, and misogyny since…pretty much Day One

From tax policy to health care policy to actual lectures written to be delivered to women, to mandatory, unnecessary invasive procedures, Ohio’s Tea Party Republicans put together a wish list — with the worst provisions added at the last minute with no debate — that places new burdens on the state’s most vulnerable women. Like Republican legislatures in Florida, Wisconsin and Michigan, Ohio’s Republicans are refusing to acknowledge that President Obama won their state twice. Instead they’re relying on electoral maps redrawn after the 2010 GOP landslide in hopes that 2014 will be another low-turnout election to push an agenda fit for the nation’s reddest states.

Rcist-FlagA good deal of attention has (justifiably and understandably) been focused on the recent efforts of the Texas Legislature to turn a woman’s uterus into the property of the State. The idea that a woman should be able to control her own body has been ridiculed by authoritarian Conservatives for quite some time. Adolf Hitler echoed this philosophy in Mein Kampf, stating that one of the first things he would do upon taking power would be to do away with the silly idea that women should control their own bodies. (Yes, this post has been thoroughly Godwinized for your protection.)

Texas may have been sucking up the media spotlight, but it’s not the only state attempting to turn the clock back to the 11th century. In fact, Ohio’s legislative efforts are arguably even worse and more dismissive of women’s rights. Led by a cabal of Teapublicans consumed with a burning disdain for womens’ rights, Ohio has travelled far down the path to setting up their version of “small government” in the uterus of every woman of childbearing age in the Buckeye State.

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Support reproductive rights for women in Texas AND leave with great looking nails

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Abortion and “Pro-Life” Hypocrisy

The hypocrisy of nominal pro-lifers — specifically, those who want to overturn Roe v. Wade, and/or make abortion illegal, and/or place restrictions on women’s access to abortion — knows no bounds. Here is a report in The Colorado Independent about a Catholic hospital’s unique response to a lawsuit alleging negligence in the case of a woman whose twin fetuses died in her womb after she had a massive heart attack during labor and could not be saved. The negligence comes in because the on-call obstetrician (also, as it happened, the woman’s personal obstetrician), who could have ordered an emergency c-section, did not respond to his pager, and no one at the hospital saw fit to take responsibility for doing a c-section — which probably would not have saved the mother, but could have saved the fetuses. The hospital’s legal defense? They are not liable for the fetuses’ death because “fetuses are not people” (emphasis is mine):

Lori Stodghill was 31-years old, seven-months pregnant with twin boys and feeling sick when she arrived at St. Thomas More hospital in Cañon City on New Year’s Day 2006. She was vomiting and short of breath and she passed out as she was being wheeled into an examination room. Medical staff tried to resuscitate her but, as became clear only later, a main artery feeding her lungs was clogged and the clog led to a massive heart attack. Stodghill’s obstetrician, Dr. Pelham Staples, who also happened to be the obstetrician on call for emergencies that night, never answered a page. His patient died at the hospital less than an hour after she arrived and her twins died in her womb.

In the aftermath of the tragedy, Stodghill’s husband Jeremy, a prison guard, filed a wrongful-death lawsuit on behalf of himself and the couple’s then-two-year-old daughter Elizabeth. Staples should have made it to the hospital, his lawyers argued, or at least instructed the frantic emergency room staff to perform a caesarian-section. The procedure likely would not have saved the mother, a testifying expert said, but it may have saved the twins.

The lead defendant in the case is Catholic Health Initiatives, the Englewood-based nonprofit that runs St. Thomas More Hospital as well as roughly 170 other health facilities in 17 states. Last year, the hospital chain reported national assets of $15 billion. The organization’s mission, according to its promotional literature, is to “nurture the healing ministry of the Church” and to be guided by “fidelity to the Gospel.” Toward those ends, Catholic Health facilities seek to follow the Ethical and Religious Directives of the Catholic Church authored by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. Those rules have stirred controversy for decades, mainly for forbidding non-natural birth control and abortions. “Catholic health care ministry witnesses to the sanctity of life ‘from the moment of conception until death,’” the directives state. “The Church’s defense of life encompasses the unborn.”
But when it came to mounting a defense in the Stodghill case, Catholic Health’s lawyers effectively turned the Church directives on their head. Catholic organizations have for decades fought to change federal and state laws that fail to protect “unborn persons,” and Catholic Health’s lawyers in this case had the chance to set precedent bolstering anti-abortion legal arguments. Instead, they are arguing state law protects doctors from liability concerning unborn fetuses on grounds that those fetuses are not persons with legal rights.

Interestingly (meaning, unsurprisingly), this story is getting NO — zero, zilch, nada — attention from the usual sanctimonious worshippers of fetal life on the right. Just the other day, there was a minor meltdown on the right over a Salon article by Mary Elizabeth Williams in which Williams said that she sees no contradiction between believing that human life begins at conception, and being pro-choice (which she is).

“Pro-lifers” were HORRIFIED — even while they grudgingly acknowledged Williams’ honesty. “It is astonishing to me that anyone with warm blood running through their veins can believe that life begins at conception yet still think it’s ok to terminate that life,” Sister Toldjah gasped, adding darkly that Williams’ piece “gives you a LOT of insight into the TRUE inner-workings of the typical rabid ‘feminist’s’ mind when it comes to the issue of abortion.” Crickets from ST so far, however, about a Catholic hospital that suddenly discovers fetuses are not people when it’s to their economic advantage to do so.

Same with Katrina Trinko at National Review: “Believe a fetus is a life and still want to have an abortion? Go for it, writes Mary Elizabeth Williams. …”

Trinko’s tone becomes more hysterical as she goes on:

By this same logic, isn’t infanticide also fine and dandy? After all, if we’re talking about autonomy, kids aren’t exactly independent as soon as they are born. No infant can take care of themselves. And even later on in childhood, children rely heavily on the adults in their life to provide shelter, food, and emotional support. What about kids and adults who become disabled in life? What about quadriplegics? They’re not going to be able to take care of themselves. Is it okay if we just off the lot of them? Heck, what about needy friends who seem to be falling apart unless we talk to them regularly and console them? Okay to just shoot a couple of them so that we don’t have the burden? Should we ship the grandparents that spent all their money and are now financially dependent on us to the local executioner?

The Twitchy staff simply cannot understand the logic in Williams’ assertion that as Americans we make choices about the value of human life all the time:

We make them about men and women in other countries. We make them about prisoners in our penal system. We make them about patients with terminal illnesses and accident victims. We still have passionate debates about the justifications of our actions as a society, but we don’t have to do it while being bullied around by the vague idea that if you say we’re talking about human life, then the jig is up, rights-wise.

Collective hands on their collective hips, Twitchy retorts, “So: Because we go to war, execute convicted murderers, and remove brain-dead accident victims from life support, snuffing out innocent human life is OK.”

Um, well, in two out of three of those examples, we’re “snuffing out innocent human life,” too, so… yeah, there is definitely an issue of consistency there, or lack thereof.

I’ll keep checking to see if any of these defenders of innocent human fetal life develop any moral qualms about this Catholic hospital that puts the value of a dollar above their supposed conviction that a fetus is a valuable human life, but I’m not holding my breath.

Dutch abortion ship ‘blocked’ from Morocco port of Smir

BBC, October 4

A Dutch campaign group says its ship offering women medical abortions has been prevented by authorities from entering the Moroccan port of Smir.

The group, Women on Waves, provides abortions and advice from boats anchored in international waters near countries where abortion is illegal.

The group’s leader, Rebecca Gomperts, told the BBC it planned to launch “a surprise” in response. Read More

Uruguay set to legalise abortion

Groundbreaking move in Latin America would give women the right to a legal abortion during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

AP, September 25

Montevideo Uruguay is preparing to legalise abortion, a groundbreaking move in Latin America where no country except Cuba has made abortions accessible to all women during the first trimester of pregnancy. Compromises made to get the measure through Congress disappointed both sides of the abortion debate, who gathered in protest. Once through Uruguay’s lower house, the measure would go back to the Senate for approval of changes, but President José Mujica has said he will allow it to become law.

The measure would give women the right to a legal abortion during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, and decriminalise later-term abortions when the mother’s life is at risk or when the foetus is so deformed that it would not survive. In cases of rape, abortions would be legal during the first 14 weeks. The goal is to reduce the number of illegal abortions in Uruguay, Iván Posada of the centre-left Independent party told fellow legislators on Tuesday. Posada wrote the law and is expected to provide a 50th vote against the opposition’s 49. Read More