Syrian Rainbow Pony Alert

Prof. Anne-Marie “General” Slaughter continues to come up with dumb ideas to push for military intervention in Syria.

It is time for bold action, of the kind Mr Obama took in deciding to go after Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad and to intervene in Libya. In Syria this would mean putting together a coalition of countries that would commit to providing heavy weapons (and possibly air cover) to all commanders on the ground who sign the ”œDeclaration of Values” supporting a democratic and pluralist Syria put forward by the nine commanding generals of the military council of the FSA. To receive weapons, these commanders must show they control safe zones and admit foreign journalists, civil society activists and the UN to monitor the implementing of the declaration’s principles. They must also allow citizen journalists to upload photographs of what they witness to an official website maintained by the coalition.

Chances that these same warlord won’t then sell or pass on these heavy weapons to less salubrious individuals both inside and outwith Syria – none. Chances that these warlords would stick to the deal once Assad is gone and the inevitable war to carve out individual fiefdoms, Afghan-style, begins – none. Chances that even “heavy weapons” (assuming we’re not talking about tanks and jets) and the large amount of trainers on the ground those weapons imply (with a bigger force-protection element, natch) would even topple Assad or reduce the death toll – slim to none. It’s a viable plan if wishing for a rainbow pony is a plan.

Slaughter loves to talk up Western military interventions without having the foggiest idea what the military necessities of such interventions are – see my post on her last rainbow pony plan for example. At this point she’s become a caricature of the ex-State academic armchair warrior, pretending to humanitarian principles while continually reaching for military answers she knows nothing about, and only worthy of lampooning.

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