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The Jehoshua Novels


I’ve talked to Sean-Paul and Jay on the phone a few times in the last few days, these are some suggestions I neglected to mention either time or which I just hadn’t thought of yet… more may come, others may disappear from this post as I learn more:

Suggestion by Agonist user bex which I like: “Maybe a grouping would also be helpful… such as ‘USA: Domestic Policies’, ‘USA: Politics’, ‘USA: Military’, ‘USA: General’”

A suggestion by artappraiser, which I also think is good:  “Signify how many comments right on the initial listing of the post… How bout replacing those “1180 words in story” thingie with that, with the number of comments…”

Add to that:  view new comments only?

Buttons for code, like in YabbSE?

As Thursday June 10 changes to Friday June 11, how about a dateline banner, like on the old MT FP?

How about editing my comment after I post it?

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