Storm of the century batters Sydney and the Hunter, leaving three dead and homes destroyed

Sydney Morning-Herald, By Nick Ralston, Peter Hannam, Lucy Cormack & Ella Rubeli, April 21

The biggest storm to hit Sydney and the Hunter region this century swept along the coast, leaving at least three people dead, dozens of others needing rescue and entire homes washed away in floodwaters.

Heavy rain and cyclonic winds saw power cut to hundreds of thousands of homes, as well as three hospitals, and the closure of 100 schools.

It also caused chaos on the roads and public transport, with felled trees, blown over power lines and slippery conditions making it a nightmare commute in the morning and afternoon peaks.

The destructive winds, which topped 130km/h, dumped blankets of sand from Sydney’s beaches onto nearby streets and carparks. The storm also forced the closure of the Sydney Harbour port, leaving passengers on board the Carnival Spirit cruise ship stranded in swells of up to nine metres outside Sydney Heads.
RT: 3 killed, 200,000 homes without power as ‘worst in decade’ storm rages in Australia
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    But nobody expected this: the dumping of 312mm of rain on Dungog in the 24 hours before 9am on Tuesday, much of it in the pre-dawn hours while the town slept; the sudden swelling of Myall Creek about 6am with a tsunami-like surge that inundated and submerged low-lying houses and ripped four cottages from their piers in the town’s main street. They were carried away on the torrent for a kilometre, flotsam for shredding. Gone were the homes of Keegan Jones, his mum and dad Colleen and Stephen next door, neighbour Jamie Bidner and, across the road in Dowling Street, Angie Taylor and John Edwards.


    It blacked out 225,000 homes, closed more than 170 schools and will produce more than $500 million worth of insurance claims. It yielded the biggest wave ever recorded, at 14.9 metres, off the NSW coast. It stopped the trains and started countless conversations.

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