Spain Says No To ETA Offer To Disarm

This may be the single dumbest example of letting your conservative “we don’t negotiate with terrorists” rhetoric run away from reality, ever.

Eta announced in a statement released Saturday that it was ready to dismantle its military operations and turn over its arms if, in return, the government would agree to move Eta prisoners to the Basque region.

Around 700 convicted members of Eta are currently incarcerated across Spain and their families have long mounted a campaign for their transfer closer to home.

… Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s conservative government refused to consider talks with Eta

“They know that we have not negotiated nor will we negotiate in any way with the terrorist organization,” Fernandez Diaz, Spain’s Interior Minister, said Sunday.

“So the only statement the government demands, not requests but demands and is working for, is its unconditional dissolution,” he said.

I’m guessing the ETA response will be to consider abandoning their current year-oldĀ ceasefire and returning to violence. When they could’ve disarmed instead and brought lasting peace.


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