South China Morning Star: State oil and pollution politics blamed for bad air in China

South China Morning Post, February 3, 2013

So let’s see… Our Nobel Prize Winning president is edging towards approving the Keystone XL Pipeline which will take tar sands oil from canada to Houston. From there it will go straight to China. Tar sands oil is filthy. Everybody knows that. It’s also a climate disaster. But how will it do in China. Maybe Obama and the two China oil giants will share a new prize for the spread of asthma. What a bunch of clowns!

The Chinese government takes direct action against those who threaten the national enterprise (and lots of people dropping dead in the nation’s capital would constitute such a threat).    For example,
China food & drug czar executed after export woes

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  • Ah, that caption on the still just kills me. The focus turns to the two oil companies? Um, all those cars on the road? And the people that put the gas in them? Anyone, anyone, Bueller?

    • You are right about that. What good will regulating the oil giants do? They can get their cars to U.S. standards, it will still be a mess.

      My favorite for reality-based pollution reduction is Brazil. It’s all sugarcane. Here’s the impact:

      A report commissioned by the United Nations, based on a detailed review of published research up to mid-2009 as well as the input of independent experts worldwide, found that ethanol from sugar cane as produced in Brazil “in some circumstances does better than just “zero emission.” If grown and processed correctly, it has negative emission, pulling CO2 out of the atmosphere, rather than adding it. Wikipedia

  • “If China thinks that its issues with food and product safety are going to be fixed with these types of executions, it shows how much they just don’t get it,” Schumer (D-N.Y.) said.

    Yes, the Chinese don’t get it. They should copy the US’ example from its regulation of its Banking industry.

    A few execution of Banking executive in the US would send a string message.

    • The outcome of our coddling was Lloyd Blankfein telling us all to wait until 70 for Medicare and Social Security. He’s too dumb to be walking around free. A “club fed” would do nicely (after a fair trial).

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