So, acting like Al Capone looks good?

By Michael Collins
Somebody released information concerning one of President Barack Obama’s methods for fighting terrorism. (Image)

“Mr. Obama has placed himself at the helm of a top secret nominations process to designate terrorists for kill or capture. Secret ”˜Kill List’ Proves a Test of Obama’s Principles and Will, New York Times, May 29

Republicans are furious. Sen. John McCain says the White House intentionally leaked the story to make Obama look good.

“Regardless of how politically useful these leaks have been to the administration, they have to stop.” John McCain, CBS News, June 6

This is the new looking good. You sit around, eyeball photographs of people you don’t know, about whom there is little information. You pick a few to be killed, and then it’s lunch time in the West Wing.

There is a bipartisan consensus among political leaders and unquestioning media – it looks good to bump people off. The financial, political, and media elite are in a free fall decline that does not reflect the people and a decline that is and will be very difficult to stop.

If this is what counts as principles, what is the definition of unprincipled action?

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