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  • He puts himself in the position of forcing the infrastructure into the form he wants it to be. Jobs was purported to purposely design his products to hog bandwidth as a sort of backdoor means to force bandwidth expansion of the internet. It has worked wonderfully for many years, this would be yet another example. By the way, the carriers are contractually obligated to provide the necessary bandwidth for the products they support, and he tends to underestimate what they use and then force compliance with the contracts. Part of the hog this time is the sheer pace of sales of the Siri. They are selling beyond plan by, I think, factors of two.

    ATT probably made no money on their iphone contract for the first three years because every penny had to to go to bandwidth expansion, with legal obligation to do so.

    This time by the way he has added a server to the system that is bigger than any other out there in Atlanta, Georgia. The facility is crazy.

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