Sick In The Head Conspiracy Theory Says Sandy Hook Massacre Was Faked


How low can the conspiracy buffs go? Very. As far as suggesting that the Sandy Hook massacre was a staged event using actors in the place of parents, organized by the Obama administration so that they can take away the guns of right-thinking libertarians everywhere. And then who would shoot down the black helicopters or keep the masses out of those imaginary FEMA concentration camps?

Update: It seems like this kind of conspiracy theory sicko has a longer history than I thought. They said much the same about Colorado – that it was a false flag psyops designed to disarm patriotic gun-nut Americans. In a must-read WaPo piece today on how the NRA transformed from a sportsman’s organisation into a massive money-making conservative lobbying enterprise, it notes that the man most responsible for the change – Neal Knox – was a conspiracy nut of the sickest kind too.

He believed that gun-control laws threatened basic American freedoms, that there were malign forces that sought nothing less than total disarmament. There would come a point when Knox would suggest that the assassinations of the 1960s and other horrors might have been part of a gun-control plot: “Is it possible that some of those incidents could have been created for the purpose of disarming the people of the free world? With drugs and evil intent, it’s possible. Rampant paranoia on my part? Maybe. But there have been far too many coincidences to ignore” (Shotgun News, 1994).

Cox’s son, Jeff, is director of the Firearms Coalition. Back in November he wrote for the ultra-right World News Daily that Obama and the UN were conspiring to take away American’s guns, in a piece replete with popular New World Order conspiracy wingnuttery. It’s so ridiculous, even the neocon Heritage Foundation won’t go along with it – and their people lied us into Iraq!

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