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“It is simply a person without a name and without an identity who is placed in complete and absolute isolation from the outside world. We don’t know if he gets visits, or if anyone even knows he’s even in jail. There is confidentiality surrounding the detainee in every respect.” ISRAELI PRISON SERVICE OFFICER June 2010 regarding the occupant of prison cell number 15 and Mister x.

Some background:
Little Bit – July 2, 2004 The spies who stole my name.

Leaftree and Tina – January 30 and May 24, 2010 Hamas blames Israel for Dubai death.

Richard Silverstein – June 13, 2010 The Strange Case of Israel’s Mr. X, the Prisoner With No Name.

Ben Zygier died 15/12/2010…

fastforward to this week: – Feb 12, 2013 Prisoner X – The Australian Connection.

Feb 15, 2013 Unmasking Prisoner X: Beating the censors.

The institute and the unseen shield cannot win the internetz. Blanket suppression and gag orders cannot survive the digital age. Sha sha sha only keeps infants quiet.

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  • The free world isn’t free. When using that term it should read “free world (TM)” to be accurate. I’ve tried to understand this case but it’s baffling. What’s the Australian government saying. Oh, let me guess, May we have another sir. An Israeli goon ran over a U.S. citizen with a bulldozer in plain sight a few years back. The silence from the White House was deafening.

  • I guess they are all wanting to say “the less said the better”.

    Former Foreign Minister Smith told ABC News 24: “I’m not proposing to be drawn on any of the issues, including – and in some respects, in particular – on that, until we’ve seen the report by the Secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. That may well be part of his report. I’m proposing just to wait until he does that before I’m drawn on it.”

    Earlier a spokesman for Foreign Minister Bob Carr today told the minister could not comment on matters which might be linked to intelligence issues.

    However, the Foreign Minister is concerned that Israeli authorities did not notify Australian consular officials that a national was in jailed, or had died while in prison.

    It is expected that a well-run nation such as Israel would automatically pass on that type of information.

    The first the Australian embassy knew of Mr Zygier was when his parents contacted the Department of Foreign Affairs asking for help in repatriating his body in December, 2010.

    Senator Carr is unlikely to demand further details from Israel unless Mr Zygier’s parents and family demand an official explanation, and that has not happened.

    With apologies to Les Mis “And so Michael, you see it’s true That man bears no more guilt than you! Who am I? I’m Ben ‘Alon’ Zygier”. Passport anyone?

  • huffpost – A man identified by media as an Australian-Israeli Mossad agent and found hanged in a Tel Aviv jail had passed secrets to Hezbollah before his death, an influential German magazine reported Sunday.

    News weekly Der Spiegel said Ben Zygier, a man known as “Prisoner X” who died in 2010 in an allegedly suicide-proof cell, had handed tips to the Lebanese militant group that led to the arrest of at least two people spying for Israel.

    After conducting its own “internal investigations”, the report found that Zygier had started working for Mossad in 2003, investigating European companies doing business with Iran and Syria.

    It said Zygier — who was raised in Melbourne but moved to Israel about a decade before his death — was ordered back to Israel in 2007 because his bosses were unhappy with his work.

    In 2008 he took a leave of absence, Spiegel said, and returned to Melbourne to finish his studies after trying to recruit new agents for Israel in a bid to restore his standing with his bosses.

    In the process he came in contact with Hezbollah supporters, Spiegel said, and while trying to convince them to work for Mossad, disastrously spilled highly sensitive information.

    This included the names of Lebanese nationals Ziad al-Homsi and Mustafa Ali Awadeh, who were arrested in May 2009 on charges of spying for Israel and later sentenced to several years of hard labour. cont @ link

  • Israel pays Prisoner X’s family over $1 million to keep quiet
    Agreement does not include an admission of responsibility for the death of Mossad agent, who committed suicide in prison.

    The agreement with the family, which contains a confidentiality clause, was reached after extensive negotiations and without the family bringing a civil suit. The state agreed to pay the family NIS 2.4 million this year and another NIS 400,000 in each of the following four years.

    Zygier’s hanging in Ayalon Prison rocked this country and his native Australia when it came to light in February.

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