So, a group of people have released a list intended to shame persons or companies who advertise with 180 Solutions, a notorious adware firm which has infected at least one of my computers with adware that I have been unable to remove.

A part of me relishes this return to ‘public square’ shaming, a virtual version of imprisoning offenders in that wooden thing that your head and arms are locked into. (No, I don’t know what it’s called.)

At the same time, I don’t hold out much hope. Just look at the list of 180 Solutions cutomers. Not the kind of list that responds well to public campaigns over the internet, are they?

We’ll see what happens. In the meantime Brian Krebs has more.

Update: More from the WaPo here.

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  • plural : a device for publicly punishing offenders consisting of a wooden frame with holes in which the feet or feet and hands can be locked

    We shall not try to make these people or any of their children into philosophers or men of learning or men of science. – General Education Board Letter #1, 1906, Rockefeller Foundation.

  • very much. I had no idea what they were called. Maybe Abu Ghraib has a consignment?

    The price of apathy towards government is to be ruled by evil men.


    Darth Maul

  • that wooden thing that your head and arms are locked into – is called stocks. Bush thought he’d help reform those Abu Ghraib boys by introducing them to an old puritan form of torture.

  • almost synonymous with the stocks.

    nah….Abu ghraib is too private and anonymous. these guys should be flogged on the Capitol Mall…..

    -5.75,-4.05 “The invisible hand of Adam Smith seems to offer an extended middle finger to an awful lot of people”—George Carlin

  • Ewido and jv16 might help, and there’s a tool called Blacklight that might be able to root out rootkits buried in the master boot table. Also you might load up Windows Defender if you haven’t already.

    Look how much trouble it’s becoming just to keep a Windows system running nowadays. Is there any better advertisement for Linux and Apple?

    “Death before being dishonored any more.” – Col. Ted Westhusing

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