Sequestration Sorrows for Extremist Republicans

May you have incompetent, offensive enemies. 


President Obama and the congressional Democrats have the luck of the Irish, truly.  They’ve already won the Battle of the Fiscal Cliff due to the good judgment of the people.  That judgement takes facts into consideration.  The sequestration process is a blunt instrument wielded by a Frankenstein process that accounts for nothing sensible in terms of solving the main concern of the public; the seriously flawed, destructive economic cycle that is dragging us to a place nobody sensible wants to go. The PEW survey to the left shows that a majority think the economy in general (60%) and the military in particular (55%)  will suffer due to this pathetic process of histrionic policy making.

That puts the wisdom of the people in line with the judgement of over 95% of leading economists surveyed recently who say that “growth is likely to be negatively affected by the automatic federal spending cuts that are scheduled to kick in Friday.”  It makes sense.  The economy is weak, unemployment, all those out of work seeking work, is around 22%, and many citizens are one paycheck away from their own fiscal cliff.

Here are some highly revealing polls and  headlines from around the country late Wednesday, early today.

Economists See Budget Cuts Putting The Recovery At Risk  Getting economists to agree with each other isn’t easy. But Congress and the White House have managed to unite them.

More than 95 percent of top U.S. economists believe growth is “likely to be negatively affected” by the automatic federal spending cuts that are scheduled to kick in Friday, according to the latest survey by the National Association for Business Economics.

Agency by agency impact of sequestration – the Federal government

Sequestration Threatens American Justice The federal court system and American justice would face a devastating blow if budget cuts take effect, argue two senior court justices

Sequestration threatens O’Hare tower, runway use, FAA chief says   Automatic federal budget cuts could force a control tower and an arrival runway at O’Hare International Airport to close at times, FAA Administrator Michael Huerta told a congressional committee on Wednesday.

Air traffic controllers have calculated the runway closing could delay arriving flights by an average of 44 minutes. FAA officials have said furloughs and resulting delays would likely kick in by April.

Who will the public blame?

The people know that both parties are part of the system that created the economic collapse but the people are also paying attention to who is being naughty and nice.  It doesn’t take a PhD in the obvious to see the stalling, tricks, and general wackiness of the Republican leadership.  President Obama and the Democrats shine in comparison.  The few Republicans in the House and Senate who know better are worried about being primaried by a Tea Party opponent in 2014.

According to a number of polls, two listed below, these Republicans need to worry more about the general election.  The public places blame on extremist Republican politicians.  The results on the left are from an NBC/WSJ Poll 2/26 and those on the right are from Wash Post/ABC 2/27. However our forced march off the fiscal cliff turns out, the Republicans are now viewed negatively by way too many people for the party not to notice. The Republicans are also in full posession of the extremist label, without argument.


NBC/WSJ Poll 2/26 (left)  — Wash Post/ABC 2/27. (right)

The Republicans had better hope that we don’t experience a national emergency of any kind while they’re doing their nihilist thing.  The results would be even uglier than those above.   More headlines…

Sequestration Could Delay Tax Refunds  “They won’t be able to move people or have more people helping with refunds,” he says. “The IRS has had cuts over the past couple of years and is working on Continuing Resolutions. So any reduction will cause some problem for them.”

Sequestration Devastating to Kids  Under sequestration, the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program faces a cut of $340 million. As a result, nearly 600,000 children and mothers will lose access to this program that provides critical nutrition assistance in the earliest years of life. Additionally, 1,600 jobs connected to WIC would be lost.

Sequestration Cuts Would Impact Local College Students  Massive across the board federal sequestration cuts will hit students and colleges hard if lawmakers in Washington D.C. can’t come to an agreement by Friday.

Looming federal cuts would impact things like college work study programs, student supports services and federal loans that local university students so desperately depend on to help them get through school.

Inhofe Seeks Pentagon Flexibility on Sequestration Cuts  The top Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee wants to give the Pentagon more leeway in apportioning automatic budget cuts set to begin in two days.

Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma will introduce this week a measure that would let military service chiefs move around funds within the Pentagon’s budget this fiscal year, according to his spokeswoman, Donelle Harder.

California braces for impending cuts from federal sequestration The combined effects of cuts in defense and other programs are expected to slow the momentum that California’s economy has been building over the last year.



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