Sen. Elizabeth Warren Reminds Us

I found this little clip today at Buzzflash. It is short and it features Sen. Warren making a serious point in a simple and direct fashion which, I am afraid, escapes most other pundits and politicians.

There was a time when radio and television stations ended their broadcast day with the Star Spangled Banner and the grainy black-and-white footage of an American flag waving in the breeze. Sometimes there would be an inspirational poem or even a prayer of sorts.

Media rituals don’t exist anymore, at least not like that. If they did, I would nominate the daily rebroadcast of these embedded clips of Senator Warren.

I read somewhere Senator Warren has no interest in running for president and said something to the effect of “hear Hillary out”. I don’t blame her for not wanting to run for president.  I think she is mostly being civil toward Hillary and other Democrats when she says “hear them out”.  It is unfortunate that the Dems or the Greens or even Moderate Republicans (the one or two locked up in a zoo somewhere) cannot speak as plainly and truthfully to Americans as Warren can.

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  • Warren is abandoning the populace to Madame Walmart who proactively sought donations from Tata Consultancy Services amongst similar others garnering $3Million. If you want to spend the last weeks of your job training your H1-B replacement then she’s the one to vote for.

    LA Times
    “Clinton is successfully wooing wealthy Indian Americans, many of them business leaders with close ties to their native country and an interest in protecting outsourcing laws and expanding access to worker visas. Her campaign has held three fundraisers in the Indian American community recently, one of which raised close to $3 million, its sponsor told an Indian news organization.”

    • Nice piece on Warren and also, Madame Walmart, perfect tag HRC. It goes down easier than calling her a f’ing war criminal.

      Warren did great as SIGTARP. She also bounced back well after the screwing she got by the Obama crowd. She’s naive on foreign policy but dead on target with the Wall Street crowd.

      The Republicans will implode and it will be a cake walk for Clinton.

      Before his election against someone named Treen for the Louisiana governorship, then Gov. Edwin Edwards said: “”The only way I can lose this election is if I’m caught in bed with either a dead girl or a live boy” Hillary might be thinking something like that but you never know.

  •    I think Warren knows she doesn’t stand a chance of the presidency and I question whether she even wants it. She knows she stands a good chance of accomplishing something as a Senator.
       I also think she has too much integrity to do what is necessary to raise presidential-level campaign funds. The same holds true for Bernie Sanders.

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