Science's awesome challenge: Creating artificial life

Scientists are advancing slowly toward one of the most audacious goals humans have ever set for themselves: creating artificial life. They’ve already accomplished some steps needed to construct a simple, single-celled organism that’s capable of evolving and reproducing itself ”” basic requirements for life

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  • –and not for the reasons you might think–

    I’m less concerned about the potential for damage, should an artificial lifeform ‘get out’ (see Greg Bear’s “Blood Music” ) , than how our present-day corporate society would treat the discovery.

    I do not believe life-forms should be patented…whether it’s GM, or completely artificial. The way I see it, patenting Life can lead to a ‘back-door’ form of slavery, in that gene-mods and the like can be copyrighted and/or patented, so that teh application creates dependencies on who utilises the technology. If you depend on the tech, then you have to follow the holder’s orders/directions/prescriptions, etc…..if your life is in somebody else’s hands, you’re not an independent human being any more, but a number on somebody’s screen–property, if you will.

    Governments *NEED NEED NEED* to take the time to work out some way for the developers of the technology to be compensated in a fashion that can satisfy them, without the potential to place recipients in jeopardy of their freedom for using the tech.

    Yes, we’ll still need to work out the safety issues, but I really think we need to more highly prioritize developing some alternative to patenting Life, if for nothing else, to protect the freedom and independence of our progeny….

    “God gives men a brain and a penis, and only enough blood to run one at a time.” — Robin Williams

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