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Meet the new Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, the company’s most powerful car ever.

And one of it’s most efficient. The 210 mph, 0-60 in 3 seconds supercar “uses 30 per cent less fuel” than its predecessor and “CO2 emissions of 350g/km are very impressive for a 730bhp V12” although that’s still at least double what might be expected from a modern family saloon.

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Steve Hynd

Most recently I was Editor in Chief of The Agonist from Feb 2012 to Feb 2013. My blogging began at Newshoggers and I’ve had the immense pleasure of working with some great writers there and around the web ever since, including at Crooks & Liars. I'm a late 40′s, Scottish ex-pat, now married to a wonderful Texan, with Honours in Philosophy from Univ. of Stirling, UK 1986. I worked most of life in business insurance industry (fire, accident, liability) including 12 years as a broker/underwriter/correspondent at Lloyd’s of London. Being from the other side of the pond, my political interests tend to focus on how US foreign policy affects the rest of the planet. Other interests include early and dark-ages British history, literature and cognitive philosophy/science.

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  • Given that so few will actually be produced and that one will probably accumulate fewer miles in its entire life (which aside from being wrecked by someone who really shouldn’t have that much car or catching fire is likely to be long in years) than the average family saloon will in a few years, i have no problem with those numbers.

    Not a huge fan of the looks … kind of looks cross-eyed from the front, but then i always imagine Ferraris with mid-engine proportions rather than the front-engine proportions of a GT car.

  • why beautiful design seems to go hand-in-hand with celestial prices. Why can’t they put a body like that on a cheap car like the ones we mortals drive?

    Are you listening Hyundai?

    “Lord! What Fools these Mortals be!”

  • Well to be fair, design like that probably wouldn’t work very well on the family hauler. I haven’t seen full specs yet, but if the roof line is more than 4 ft off the ground i’d be surprised. And it’s easier when you’re not worrying about useable back seats or a trunk…never mind cupholders.

    Not that i disagree about the lack of good design in realistic cars, but for me that’s more about the jellybeaning, super-sizing, and ridiculous belt line height (the last being a function of having to protect people from SUVs).

  • Actually it gives pornography a bad name. Let me tell a joke of mine that directly addresses the problems with post.

    Q. Why did the fire-fighter wear high heels to work.
    A. She wanted to reduce her carbon foot-print.

    Are you writing for the 1% now Steve? I really don’t get the point of this post. I really really don’t get it. When you have some titillating electric motor or battery advancements get back to me. Or even some plugin diesel electric hybrid soft porn. I’m sorry but violent porn is a turn off for me, big time.

  • Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them,and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows,or with both~FDouglas

  • I get it. Some folks like cars – I like things like this:

    I don’t like what cars en masse do, particularly, but I can understand the attraction to good engineering.

    In combat one should be very suspicious of painless moral choices. When you are confronted with a seemingly painless moral choice, the odds are that you haven’t looked deeply enough.” ~ Karl Marlantes

  • So what you’re saying is that you expect others to have the exact same interests as you for them to be worth reading? It’s the weekend, and that’s like saying, “Get back to me when cats grow opposable thumbs so they can be productive members of my household.”

    Why can’t Steve have a passing interest in the design language or engineering of automobiles?

    I’m turned off by electric car porn, based as it is on faulty assumptions that we can save the planet by just changing from liquid petroleum fuels to electricity and the refusal to acknowledge that in the 1990’s, companies could build ICE powered cars that get the same mileage numbers as the modern hybrid. (see Honda CRX HF)

    Anyone can post a diary. Write one about electric cars and i’ll promote it to the front page. Given that the latest and greatest tech in electric cars price in the $100,000 dollar range, i’d be interested in hearing how electric adopters are vastly superior to people who spend that kind of coin on an ICE car. Though i’ll give Tesla that they at least started with a good chassis based on the Chapman motto of “Simplify and then add lightness.” That’s a step up from Toyota’s, “Ooh, a morbidly obese American stuffed into spandex,” design cues for the Prius.

    Maybe you could write one about how i’m supposed to adopt electric vehicle technology in a place that’s below freezing for almost half the year? Have you seen the real world numbers for electric vehicles in the north?

    Not that it matters, i built a life that sees a maximum commute of six miles/day and a current commute of maybe 2.5. I’ll add another 20 year old car to the drive way soon to go with my 25 year old winter truck that will look good, have excellent driving dynamics and still pull down 30 mpg. And i’ll go to the gas station once a month, maybe, for both cars. Neither will have a resource debt. Neither will require me to owe a bank. But i won’t be allowed the smugness of the suburbanite Prius driver who hasn’t really changed anything in the grand scheme of environmentalism.

  • is fair criticism and does not necessarily preclude an interest in all the issues related to cars, as you’re highlighting, for the 99%.

    So here’s my beef with my brand new car.

    On the very first day my battery died because I had forgotten to turn the lights off. Needless to say I was more than peeved that this brand new car did not include a sound alarm for precisly this function. However, my dealer assured me such an alarm did exist and that mine was merely
    malfunctioning. Greatly relieved, I returned my car the next day to be serviced. But then, horrors of horrors, I was informed the alarm was perfectly fine and that my hearing problem was the culprit. I was unable to hear the high-pitched, low volume sound.

    So here’s my message to all you fucking car engineers. Why did you change the perfectly strong sound of my previous car to an inaudible one? For God’s sake, think about the hearing impaired, will ya?

    “OTP – Occupy The Patriarchy” ~ me

  • I ride the sport version. The pro would be sweet.

    Of course, given bike theft around here I’d have to never, ever park it outside, but I can dream.

    In combat one should be very suspicious of painless moral choices. When you are confronted with a seemingly painless moral choice, the odds are that you haven’t looked deeply enough.” ~ Karl Marlantes

  • Steve can have all the passing interests he wants. But this is a leading edge blog aimed at the 99%. But yeah sure blog about the latest nifty looking yacht on Saturday as well. Course, this being a blog I can rant on him for his passing interests.

    Forget the cat with opposable thumbs, get back to me when straw men have thumbs that actually move.

    As for saving the planet you did not finish your sentence. You did not bother to tell what was faulty with the assumptions of replacing fossil fuel for electric. Instead you segued into another notion about the glories of 1990s ICE cars.

    As for posting diaries, I do not care about promotions to the front pate because I hardly ever read the front page. I believe that the serious readers of this blog start with the diaries because of the generally high quality of all the posters to this blog. Honestly, I don’t need your validation of the worth of my diaries.

    For your information the current price range for electric and plugin electric cars that would be of interest to the readers of this blog are in the 30,000 to 40,000 dollar range. Your 100,000 figure is another straw man. Now when Ferrari gets to selling it’s electric car I’m sure it will be above the 100,000 number.

    And why do you assume that I believe that early adopters are vastly superior to us folks here. I think you are being defensive there. Just my guess.

    Electric car makers are testing their vehicles in colder climates than yours because they believe they will be able to produce a product that will be able to meet the needs of people like you. Especially people like you who arrange their lives to be as car independent as possible.

    By the way (bye the weigh? buy the whey?) My family of four adults drives three cars none of which gets better than 25mpg. I have a 25 mile a weekday round trip commute. I live in an urban area with a rapid transit station two blocks away and another two blocks from my work. So no, I am not in a position to be smug about anything.

  • My $100,000 is what Tesla charges for the only product it has brought to market. A Prius starts at $24,000, the Volt costs roughly $40,000 before tax rebates. None of those prices include installation of a home charging station, so far as i know.

    They are testing and haven’t gotten it yet, but still, the actual economics won’t work because i won’t possibly be able to save enough on fuel (even if it goes up much further) to outweigh the price premium for electric.

    I brought up cars from the late 80’s and 90’s because we’re horribly inefficient with the technology we have and have improved drastically in the last twenty years. Yet fuel efficiency has actually gone down. Instead of fixing the underlying issue, the current mode of thought is to do something completely different … which will (and currently does) suffer from the same stupid inefficiencies that ICE cars do.

    And there’s the not insignificant issue that manufacturing a car requires far more energy than the car will use in its lifetime. But if i understand things correctly, we should all keep buying the latest, environmentally friendly technology to save the planet.

    Hey, i only offered that if you wanted to bring a counterpoint to this post, i would do what’s in my power to make sure that it gets maximum exposure. I don’t really care if you do or don’t.

  • Canblogging?




    Folks are tough to please sometimes…


    In combat one should be very suspicious of painless moral choices. When you are confronted with a seemingly painless moral choice, the odds are that you haven’t looked deeply enough.” ~ Karl Marlantes

  • Sorry I misread the model – mine is the sport as well but with shimano 105 upgrade.

    I ride, in decent weather, generally 120 miles per week in this slightly terrifying to ride urban region. I am amazed by the high priced bikes that speed by me on my longer weekend rides. It seems that there is a point where one’s own performance gives greater satisfaction than the performance of the machine. I’m not sure exactly where the proper balance lies but I enjoy this particular balance. My local bike shop has offered me the possibility of a ride on one of the high-priced models but I am not at all sure that I want to undo my particularly self-satisfied determination of the proper balance.

  • I have heard that the bike is the only means of that actually saves time when you add up all the time spent building it and powering it and delivering the power.

    Now Steve suggests that the post was mostly in fun as a take off on the cat blogging. Hah so I guess a lot of us got punked (is that the right usage. I’ve never actually used the word.)

    Thanks for engaging with me. I may take you up on the electric car post sometime.

  • As trying to find something as a weekend regular feature that isn’t too politics obsessed and serious. Carbloggings obviously a fail, so I’ll have to try to think of something else. No worries. 🙂

  • as everyone seems to agree that this is a time of transition concerning our car culture, it seems like a perect regular feature.
    And some of us are gearhead oriented.
    From the Geneva Car Show, VW’s Cross Coupe TDI Plug-in Hybrid , 131 mpg, 306hp, a nice design, AND it has off road capapbility to boot. I could see going Mad Max w/ this one.

  • …somewhere there’s somebody saying “I can’t believe what they did to that Lada – don’t they know it’s a classic?!”

    In combat one should be very suspicious of painless moral choices. When you are confronted with a seemingly painless moral choice, the odds are that you haven’t looked deeply enough.” ~ Karl Marlantes

  • Go with your leisure pursuits. Aside from sex as that is really political. When I do them, I write about hiking with my daughter and an occasional urban picture.

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