Saturday Sticks and slithers


CSM – Al Qaeda and its affiliates are moving onto social media after years of relying largely on chat rooms to spread their doctrine online.

BBC – South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma has condemned the gang rape and mutilation of a 17-year-old girl who later died.

Strait Times – Year of Snake sees serpent sales soar in Hong Kong. related and Lunar New Year message from the POTUS

CSM -Horse meat in lasagna, burgers, meatballs. – Ubiquitous Encryption – The Promise Of Kim Dotcom’s MEGA.

xinhua – Iran says U.S. talks “not possible” currently.

and as the USA says goodbye to Friday:
Spiegel online – Adorable Killers: The Shocking Truth about Cats.

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  • It autoresizes for me, but if it is not for everybody, very happy too. And don’t you dare coat it in chocolate and bite it. A little 9yo girl is taking much care of it. It’s back leg is missing 🙁

    • You beat me to it. 🙂 The article reminded me of Edvard Rutherfurd’s Sarum: The Novel of England. In it this small ice aged stone carved female keeps popping up through the story.

  • Graham, the female figurine from the ice age resembles the Venus of Willendorf, which represents one of many commonly referred to as the Venus figurines. In most of these statues, the abdomen, breasts, hips, thighs and vulvas are exaggerated while the arms and feet are absent. The heads are small and the faces show no detail. From a historical perspective the Venus figurines, and their off shoots, occupy a large expanse of time within human history. The idea of a fertility goddess or mother goddess is found throughout most (if not all) cultures of the world. Source

    The images of large animals are similar to those discovered in the caves of Lascaux and Chauvet, which are from a later era. This further supports Gregory Curtis’s belief (“The Nature of Paleolithic Art”), which I’ve mentioned before but that cannot be repeated often enough:

    What emerges is an image of Paleolithic artists transmitting their techniques from generation to generation for twenty-five millennia with almost no innovation or revolt. A profound conservatism in art, Curtis notes, is one of the hallmarks of a ”classical civilization.” For the conventions of cave painting to have endured four times as long as recorded history, the culture it served, he concludes, must have been ”deeply satisfying” and stable to a degree it is hard for modern humans to imagine. Source

    • Are you saying the ‘deep satisfaction’ and ‘stability’ which endured 25000 years was due to the worship of a fertility/mother goddess or because women were viewed as brainless, faceless body parts?
      (Sorry, adrena, but those quotes were too good to pass up). 🙂

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