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    The SI Swimsuit Issue profits from a philosophy of constructing men as active, women as passive; men as subjects, women as objects; men as actors, women as receivers; men as the lookers and women as the looked-at; and I argue, men as consumers and women as the “to-be-consumed” (Betterton, 1987). Women today have been socialized to see themselves through the male gaze so that they are both spectators and spectacles. As spectators of themselves, women learn from popular media, in this case the wildly popular Swimsuit Issue, to compare their appearances with the media’s feminine ideal, becoming objects of their own gaze. This feminine ideal, as proven again and again by the Swimsuit Issue, leads women to internalize these mediated ideals and constantly work to live up to these perfected “norms” of beauty while leading men to believe these qualities are essential (and attainable) in a mate. Essentially, “the feminine ideal is tanned, healthy slenderness, with no unsightly bumps, bulges, or cellulite, and bodily and facial perfection that results from hours of labor: exercise, makeup, and hair care” ( Kuhn, 1985), and 20 years later, plastic surgery and digital manipulation.

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    • An old article updated?. Has anything changed? On the contrary, the male gaze has become even more overwhelming. It is omnipresent – even on my iPhone I’m constantly confronted with it through the ads (for games) that regularly appear on the screen. So I hope these two women revive this article every year at the launch of the SI because what they write is as true today as it was yesterday.

      Pussy Pride

      Regarding the article about rape you linked to, one guy gets it and shares his belief in a powerful poetic way.

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