Santorum’s Final Fail

Rick Santorum has gone to write for wingnut birther website World Net Daily, completing his final be-clowning. There he’ll write conspiracy theories about how the UN is coming to get American freedom and how you should only get rights if you’re a Jesus-loving American.

With no revelations about secret love affairs, drug use, emblezzlement or other obvious wrongdoing in his record, Santorum is rare among politicians in that he’s engineered his fall from being a serious contender into irrelevant lunacy all on his own. That’s awesome.

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Steve Hynd

Most recently I was Editor in Chief of The Agonist from Feb 2012 to Feb 2013. My blogging began at Newshoggers and I’ve had the immense pleasure of working with some great writers there and around the web ever since, including at Crooks & Liars. I'm a late 40′s, Scottish ex-pat, now married to a wonderful Texan, with Honours in Philosophy from Univ. of Stirling, UK 1986. I worked most of life in business insurance industry (fire, accident, liability) including 12 years as a broker/underwriter/correspondent at Lloyd’s of London. Being from the other side of the pond, my political interests tend to focus on how US foreign policy affects the rest of the planet. Other interests include early and dark-ages British history, literature and cognitive philosophy/science.

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  • I get WND “breaking news,” which I usually just delete without opening. I signed up to see where some of the dreck was coming from. I suspect they are trying to out-Drudge Matt in sensational headlines.

  • A thought: where in the hell does Joe Farah get the money to afford Rick Santorum?

    For a bunch of “capitalists,” they don’t know much about budgeting. They probably took money hand over fist from Koch entities and their brethren, and probably saw a spike in ad revenues because, you know, Socialist Muslim election, but 2013? They will be deader’n a door knob.

  • Senate rejects treaty to protect disabled around the world

    Washington Post, By Rosalind S. Helderman, December 4

    The Senate has failed to ratify an international treaty intended to protect the rights of those with disabilities, as a bloc of conservatives opposed the treaty believing it could interfere with U.S. law.

    The Senate voted 61 to 38 to ratify the Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities, a tally that fell short of the two-thirds needed to sign on to an international treaty.

    These zealots can find a controversy anywhere

    Hullabaloo, By digby, December 4


    They all voted against the UN Convention on Persons with Disabilities. And it came up three short because of it.

    Why? Well, I’m guessing it’s mostly because they are empty, soulless people who care nothing for those who are vulnerable and relish the opportunity to punish sick and disabled people whenever possible. But the ostensible reason was because the treaty calls for access to reproductive health for disabled people and this lunatic fringe equates “reproductive health” with abortion. (That’s what kooky Ricky was going on about yesterday.)

    More, UN Dispatch: What is Riding on Ratification of the Disabilities Treaty

    The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities has nothing to do with abortion, but objections to ratification of the Disabilities Treaty in the US Senate have focused on the provisions of the treaty that call for equal access to reproductive health care for people with disabilities. Some senators have equated “reproductive heath” and “family planning” with abortion, and have couched their objections to the treaty as such. This is not necessarily a standard interpretation even among pro-life members of congress, but it only takes 36 senators to scuttle the treaty.

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