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The Jehoshua Novels

Republicans Desperate For Non-Existant Rommentum?

Rightwing hacks are already writing “Romney by a landslide” posts.

If I recall correctly, it wasn’t until late Summer that they did the same thing for the McCain/Palin ticket…

As far as I can see the Republicans again possess a candidate most of them wouldn’t vote for if they weren’t all about beating Obama, and this time are so desperate for a decent name to put in the VP slot that their top pick is someone who has already said she won’t do it. Polls over the last few months already show Obama ahead in a fairly stable pattern. There’s still a chance Romney can win the election, of course, but it will be a narrow victory if he does and right now it’s not looking good. Thus such booster pieces as this “landslide” post, all of which I’d guess are designed in the hope the faithful will believe them and stay the course on campaigning, contriibuting and eventually voting rather than staying home to nurse their current depression.

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