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Reports: Saudis Quit "Friends Of Syria" Meeting

Saudi Arabia, the nation that sent troops to help its neighbour Bahrain put down protests, is now getting on its humanitarian high horse. There are reports that it has withdrawn from the Tunisia meeting of the “Friends Of Syria” group because the group is only talking about a truce, aid and perhaps a post-Assad peacekeeping force, rather than military intervention to topple the regime.

If you wondered whether the Saudi Sunnis see events in Syria through a humanitarian lens or rather as a proxy war with Shiite Iran, there’s your answer.

8 comments to Reports: Saudis Quit "Friends Of Syria" Meeting

  • nymole



    The origin of the universe has not as yet been shown to be a conspiracy theory

  • nymole

    The Daily Star

    Kemal Kilicdaroglu, Turkey’s opposition leader, said that the government would be better off trying to keep dialogue going not only with Damascus but also reach out to countries such as Iran and Russia which are allies of Syria.

    “Turkey could make a serious opening if it convenes a meeting in Istanbul with both the Syrian opposition and representatives of Assad, as well as Russia and Iran,” he said in an interview with the English-language Hurriyet Daily News.

    “An intervention in Syria could stir up not only Syria but Turkey as well, and lead to serious disturbances in the Middle East.

    “People are worried whether the global playmakers are really on the side of human rights,” he added.

    The origin of the universe has not as yet been shown to be a conspiracy theory

  • justadood

    colour me surprised…*not*

    Now if Hezbollah joined in the rebellion also….that’d be news…

    “It’s no longer IOKIYAR….It’s OK If You’re A Republican, but IOKBYAR–It’s OK BECAUSE You’re a Republican.” — Me

  • Michael Collins

    Turkey has been doing well economically and the AKP has taken on some of the strangest and most dangerous military abuses of citizens anywhere (the various conspiracy trials of top military figures).

    Erdogan may be overconfident after initial successes in foreign policy. His position on Syria makes him look like a Saudi and US puppet. Where’s the payoff, one wonders?

    It will be interesting to see what AKP does, as a party, and how long Erdogan sticks around. The AKP backbenchers are the ones who stopped US access to Iraq via Turkey during the invasion of Iraq. Erdogan was not among the opponents. He’s probably gunning for a seat on the Carlyle board;)

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  • Tina

    Do 55% of Syrians really want President Assad to stay?

    I would say no


  • Michael Collins

    I got a kick out of the BBC being picky about the polls validity. Didn’t they just apologize for running PR films paid for by Malaysia and other nations as objective documentaries.

    I don’t know what the Syria people want, majority or minority, and it is none of my business and, unless they’re about to attack us and we can prove it, it is not the business of the U.S. ruling elite (who see all Arab, Asian, African nations as theirs to plunder.

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  • Tina

    they looked closely at the results, maybe they learned their lesson? bwahahahaha

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