Remember, remember … the other 5th of November

I know that everybody has their Guy Fawkes masks at the ready, just bubbling with revolutionary zeal based on a comic book-style movie. That’s cool, i guess, but it might be more instructive to remember a non-fictional event of the 5th that probably has more value for the nascent protest movement in the United States. On November 5, 1916, a boatload of IWW members arrived at the dock in Everett, WA to support a shingle workers’ strike. The Wobblies didn’t give the sheriff the leader he asked for, they declared themselves all to be leaders. So the mob on the dock opened fire.

Because i am that lazy.

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  • There isn’t an “other” point that the protesters don’t get. The point is that there are non-fictional events that the protesters could look to and learn from rather than adopting symbols from Hollywood that are hearkening back to events that most people in the US don’t even know about, much less understand.

    This country used to have a strong labor movement that did address the exact same concerns, within almost the same context that protesters are talking about now. This ain’t the first time that Wall Street has been a focal point of anger; hell, the last time, people went so far as to try to blow shit up.

    I don’t know, maybe there are lessons about organization that could be gleaned from looking at real history. Maybe there are writings and speeches that show this isn’t some aberration of whining.

    Personally, i don’t care what masks people wear … though that was a stupid movie. I was just pointing out that there was another event on the 5th of November that might be instructive. Sorry to offend your radical sensibilities; i mean, what the fuck did the Wobblies know that a comic-book movie can’t teach us, right?

  • I read what you wrote again, I don’t know why I thought you said there was another “point”. You never wrote that, I don’t know where the hell I pulled that from. So apologies for that, what do you mean you can’t explain a point you never raised?

    I thought you were implying that they (the protesters) weren’t prepared for the police to roll over their asses and start shooting / killing people. I’m saying they are getting that education one beating at a time, I don’t think they are being too naive about the dangers (so far). No slaughters yet, but this game is barely started.

    Don’t worry about offending radicals, most of the ones I know get offended if you don’t try to piss them off. 😉 And V for Vendetta was a great comic, OK movie…

  • …I always thought so… 😉

    Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them,and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows,or with both~FDouglas

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