Reid, Levin, Biden and Rockefeller Want Answers

Senators Reid, Levin, Biden and Rockefeller want some answers about where our Iran policy is headed:

My colleagues and I have sent a letter to the President asking him to take an important step forward in assuring Congress that he has an effective strategy in place for addressing the challenge of Iran by sending Congress a report and new national intelligence estimates on Iran. Congress needs to have greater confidence that the Administration is not mismanaging Iran policy as it has mismanaged its Iraq policy.

Asking this President for an effective strategy, much less any strategy at all is like hoping FEMA will be ready for hurricane season.

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Better to just get an insurance policy and pray. Of course, you can write letters to the editor, too:

We respectfully call your attention to an unfulfilled provision of law that would greatly enhance Congressional oversight of U.S. policy on Iran.

As you know, Section 1213 of the fiscal year 2007 Defense Authorization Act (P.L. 109-364) requires you to provide Congress with an unclassified and classified report on your policy objectives and strategy regarding Iran. Congress expects that the Section 1213 report will address questions that have been raised about the role in your strategy of U.S. diplomatic, financial, intelligence, military and other activities, and development, public diplomacy, democracy, education, cultural and other programs relating to Iran.

Section 1213 also requires the Director of National Intelligence to submit to the Congress updated and comprehensive national intelligence estimates (NIEs) on Iran, in both classified and unclassified form, and we understand that several Iran-related NIEs that should address this requirement are nearing completion.

There is great interest in the Senate in ensuring an effective US policy addressing the challenge of Iran. Since the January 2007 deadline in law for filing these reports has long passed, we would appreciate an estimate from you on the expected completion dates for these reports. Rigorous oversight by Congress is an essential part of crafting effective national security policy, and receiving and reviewing these reports as soon as possible is important to accomplishing this task. We look forward to your update, and in the upcoming months, we hope we can work together on crafting an effective policy response to this important foreign policy challenge.

Seriously, I am glad to see these four senators asking the President questions. What’s scary is that they are such basic questions. I assume they are so basic because of the one way nature of communications this President is used to. Am I wrong?

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  • Because what everyone is too polite to say is, it’s not so much the check and balances we’re worried about. It’s that the president is an idiot and the grownups have to protect the country from him.

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