Rebekah Brooks Arrested

The Guardian is now reporting that Rebekah Brooks has been arrested. This means the scandal goes right to the top: no low level malefactors, but the very cream of the executive team. The question that now needs asking is this: what did Rupert Murdoch know and when did he know it?

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  • I’m betting he suggested it all…

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  • Now when she testifies, she can now say she that regrettably she cannot comment because she is now under “investigation.” This arrest appears to me to dome just in time.

  • EX-NEWS CORP. EXEC REBEKAH BROOKS ARRESTED | This morning, British police arrested Rebekah Brooks, the executive at the center of the News Corp. hacking scandal, just days after she resigned in disgrace as CEO of the company’s News International group. Former editor Andy Coulson has already been arrested. Meanwhile, the U.K. Telegraph reports that the News of the World tabloid, which Brooks edited during much of the alleged hacking, hacked into the voicemail of actor Jude Law while he was in the U.S., which could open News Corp. to further American prosecution.

  • Rupert was in on the whole gig. I can’t see the top rats turning just yet. Brooks and the other top echelon folks at News Corp have lots of money etc etc etc, but if they feel Murdoch has thrown them to the wolves, then all bets are off. The few things these News Corp folks fear is being thrown out of the Murdoch nest and jail bars. If your not in the gang anymore, and you’re getting grilled by the heat, no telling what you’ll tell.

    Murdoch is probably a cheep ass and wont hire major talent to defend his underlings. The one thing Murdoch can’t afford right now is for his people to feel abandoned.

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  • That is why he kept those perps on a long as he did, to keep them loyal. And he hasn’t and is not going to be stingey with them unless they turn on him. This is already costing him many billions since he is buying back stock to keep the price from plummeting. Plus he’s old and could die any minute (FSM willing). He’s got nothing to lose by being generous.

  • If I was writing a PHD at this time in gang/corporate behavior this would be the one to unpack and analyze.

    Murdoch has dealt with plenty of hot situations in his hostile takeovers and such.

    The things about Murdoch that I’m curious about at this time is:

    1. Is this just another situation to deal with using his tried and true dirty tactics, or he feels there is a real threat of the wheels coming off the bus?

    2. How many heavy hitters are lining up in secret to support Murdoch, or has everyone with juice not returned his calls.

    3. How much is the cost going to be to hire the FBI to derail the investigation. Politicians are cheep to hire for what you can get in return. 50 or 60 million in in contrabutions at this point is a deal.

    4. What are the contingency plans to re-brand, re-invent, re-corporatize, sell of selected assets that retain the same boards to keep a grip.

    5. What thing can he do to push the story to the back page, wars are always good for this.

    “There are two types of folk music:
    quiet folk music and loud folk music.
    I play both.”

    Dave Alvin

  • Offer up a fish big enough to satisfy, then circle the wagons and stonewall HARD. If the Murdochs give Brooks a free ride for life, the best lawyers the universe can offer forever, and whatever the heck else she wants financially, they can skate through this scandal. They’ll take damage, but if she simply refuses to ever say anything (or claims she did it all), without clear evidence that traces the scandal higher, she’ll be the scapegoat. Remember Scooter Libby?

    We’ll see if it works or not. 50/50 IMHO…

  • The taping of Diana’s personal conversations with purported lover James Gilbey has never been fully explained. UK intelligence services were accused of putting a tap on landlines at Sandringham palace, but they were eventually cleared, despite Diana’s claims that the establishment was out to get her. The tapes surfaced publicly when they were published by The Sun, which said it got them from amateur radio operators. Technical analysis later showed the tapes were doctored to appear to be public copies over the airwaves, when in fact they were from taps on landlines.

    This took place in 1989, and later tapes surfaced of Charles and Camilla’s conversations. The unresolved imbroglio over who was taping the royal family came to be known as Squidygate. The Queen asked MI5 to investigate the tapes and determine their source, but the Home Secretary eventually shut down this investigation. This was supposedly because the investigation would reveal that the royal family was being bugged by the government as part of a protection program to prevent IRA terrorist attacks. This was later denied.

    In any event, the history of bugging and hacking celebrity figures – and none is more high profile than the royal family – goes back over 10 years in Britain. Oddly, Rupert Murdoch’s paper was involved from the beginning. Whether they were the source of the tapes is not known. You have to think, though, that a lot of very highly placed people are interested in knowing what Murdoch’s people have really been up to.

  • It is illegal (contempt of court) for her to comment on the investigation.

    The UK’s justice system is not the media circus it is in the US. All matters are sub judicie and the UK newspapers are not permitted to do anything other than report the facts on the public record to date.

  • And now Murdock’s on the ropes, do you believe the Royals, and the others in the UK establishment will not put the knives in?

    I do. Rupert has no friends in the UK establishment.

  • By Mohammed Abbas and Paul Sandle
    LONDON | Sun Jul 17, 2011 3:37pm EDT
    (Reuters) – Britain’s top police chief resigned and the former head of Rupert Murdoch’s UK newspaper business was arrested Sunday over a phone-hacking scandal that has rocked pillars of the establishment.
    Paul Stephenson, London’s police commissioner, quit in the face of allegations that police officers had accepted money from Murdoch’s News of the World paper and not done enough to investigate phone-hacking charges.

    Stephenson said he did not want questions about his leadership to undermine the enormous challenge confronting the police in providing security for the Olympic Games in London next year.

    “I had no knowledge of the extent of this disgraceful practice (of phone-hacking) and the repugnant nature of the selection of victims that is now emerging,” Stephenson said in a televised statement.

    Stephenson’s resignation and the arrest of Rebekah Brooks, one of Murdoch’s top lieutenants, were the latest twists in a scandal that has tainted police and politicians and shaken the tycoon’s global media empire.


  • “I believe it would have been extraordinarily clumsy of me to have exposed the Prime Minister, or by association the Home Secretary, to any accusation, however unfair, as a consequence of them being in possession of operational information in this regard.

    Similarly, the Mayor.
    Because of the individuals involved, their positions and relationships, these were I believe unique circumstances.”……

    (falls on sword)

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  • (“Davies is the bestselling author of Flat Earth News, on falsehood and distortion in the media, and a former Journalist of the Year”)

    an earlier video interview with Nick Davies has some black humor in the questioning of the police brass

    He does make the point that it was the story of the hacking of a dead girl’s phonemail (not all the celebrity and political hacking) that served as the powder keg for British emotional outrage…..

    The origin of the universe has not as yet been shown to be a conspiracy theory

  • after you’ve watched him in action in the Nick Davies video above you won’t be as shocked at his sacking.

    Met Police Assistant Commissioner John Yates has resigned as the phone-hacking scandal fall-out continues.

    The origin of the universe has not as yet been shown to be a conspiracy theory

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