Everyone keeps calling it a war. (Trust me on this, you don’t want me to add a whole bunch of individual tweets.)

But has a shot been fired? Any “borscht bombs” been dropped? Any “svoboda sorties” been flown?

Curious war, that.

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Sean Paul Kelley

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  • I think Russia is trying to preempt a shooting war by bringing up the heavies early-on and making it blindly obvious to everyone – even the neocons – that they WILL control the Crimea at a bare minimum. They can also use the many resident Russians in the eastern parts as an excuse to put boots on the ground there. The only question in my mind is whether they intend to control the whole country, but I’m inclined to think so simply because of the pipelines.

  • It’s only a war if the enemy in this case Russia does it and not when Amerika helping the so-called freedom fighters in this case Nazis. I see not a hero McCain running off at the foaming mouth along with not a hero Kerry, Amerika and Euro need to do something now to stop this illegal action. It’s not illegal when Amerika does. If 0 had a back bone he would throw the neo-conns under the bus but then again may be he is one of them after all not that had any doubt.

  • Seriously, did no one think my “borscht bombs” and “svoboda sorties” lines were funny? WTF people? That’s awesome humor!

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