Putin creates new National Guard in Russia ‘to fight terrorism’

BBC – The force will be formed of interior ministry troops and led by Mr Putin’s former bodyguard, Viktor Zolotov, who will report directly to the president.

Mr Putin’s spokesman said the force could be used to maintain public order.

Mr Putin made the announcement during a meeting with key security officials at the Kremlin. “The decisions have been taken, we are creating a new federal body of executive power,” he said. He also announced that Russia’s drug control agency and federal migration service would become part of the interior ministry’s remit.

The creation of a National Guard has been talked about for years. Mr Peskov said he “could not explain” the timing but denied it had anything to do with upcoming elections or any mistrust of other law-enforcement agencies.

But there are suggestions that President Putin is concerned about possible unrest in the run-up to parliamentary elections in September.

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  • The Saker sees this as matter of protecting the borders, particularly from the chaos in the Ukraine.

    Russia does have the means to close her borders. The newly created Russian National Guard will now take over the responsibilities of several ministries and agencies including the Federal Migration Service. Russia already has a very capable Border Guard Service which is subordinated to the Federal Security Service (ex-KGB). It is estimated that the Border Guard Service currently includes 10 regional offices, 80+ border units, 950+ outposts, 400+ checkpoints. Every day the service conducts 11,000 patrols. In total, the task of preservation and protection of borders of the Russian Federation carried out by about 200’000 border guards. This service has its own air force, coastal navy, UAV, intelligence directorate, armored units nd even its own Spetsnaz forces. The reality is that the Russian Border Guard Service is more powerful than most EU armies. And now it will have the full power of the National Guard to back it. Make no mistake, Russia can, and will, if needed, lock and protect her borders.

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