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  • I’ve always had a problem with Buzzfeed’s methodology. The questionnaires are obviously designed by amateurs, with questions which are meaningless or not applicable. They remind me of the Aptitude Tests I took in high school which determined I should become a social worker because I’d rather help little old ladies cross the street than have my leg sawed off.

    A lot of the questions on this particular test are redundant – if you’re gay, for example, you would undoubtedly have to check several questions; ditto if you’re black. And the redundant questions go into your ‘score’ as if the each revealed a separate aspect of your privileged/non-privileged status. It’s not really a test – it’s more a reminder of how privileged the average reader is.

  • Steeleweed – I don’t think most people- unless very young or very naive- believe in Buzzfeed’s methodology- it’s more a talking point than a discovery. That being said, it is unsurprising that it is not your cup of tea!

    By the way, you’re not a unicorn, are you:-) ?

  • I feel discriminated against because I would have to check way too many boxes, and my time is way too valuable for this.

    Just give me my consolidation price, now!

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